Celframe Business Solutions Aiding Millions of Businesses

Released on: April 17, 2008, 7:59 pm

Press Release Author: Nadia Dakota

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Celframe Document Template Writing Software Increases
Productivity of Businesses Worldwide

Press Release Body: New York, USA, April 2008 - Celframe Business Solutions, the
document template writing software is proud to announce that its services are one of
the top desired for document templates writing wherein their clientele increased to
almost 1.2 million businesses worldwide.

The business writing tool softwares which was released in late Year 2006 has been
welcomed by all walks of people around the world, be it home business to enterprise

"It has reached to a level where companies have given us personal credibility of
thanking us for increasing their productivity professionally", says the proud VP of
Operations, Eliena Raj. "We are also happy to receive these testimonials where
businesses are able to save tremendous costs by having these ready made standard
documents and to instantly have them written without having to go through any third
parties, and hence savings in big ways" she continues.

Celframe Business Solutions comes in three different packages where it concentrates
on three very important spheres in any businesses today. Celframe Business Go Live
provides documents for all industries, Celframe HR Care & Employment Ads
specifically for Human Resource Management from hiring to firing and Celframe
Instant Sales & Marketing purely for the entire operations of sales and marketing.

With its objectives to speed up any writing situation, it has more than 6500++
business documents, contracts and agreements, letters or proposals, business plans
and about more than 1000 categories in a standard written format. Every document is
written on ICC ( International Chamber of Commerce ) standards and user friendly

Celframe Business Solutions combines together professionals and expert in each field
, and the efficiency of an executive secretary and it saves valuable time, money and
effort, as users may start concentrating on the core activities that impact the
bottom line.
For further information please visit www.celframe.com or contact pr@celframe.com

About Celframe Business Solutions.
Celframe Business Solutions is a highly created writing tool to facilitate document
writing. This internationally recognized document templates software were created to
increase at-work productivity and efficiency. The most value for money assistant
that help you to prepare letters, memos, agreements and other documents that is
needed to run any industry with ease.

About Celframe Solutions
Celframe Solutions Sdn Bhd an global IT-based company which defines, designs and
delivers IT-enabled business Products and solutions that help Global companies win
in a flat world. These solutions & products focus on providing strategic
differentiation and operational superiority to clients. Celframe Solutions Sdn Bhd
has offices and development centers in US, India, Malaysia and soon will be
expanding to Singapore, UK & Australia. Celframe Solutions Sdn Bhd has very diverse
and highly distinctive business model. It develops and also acquires territorial
rights to \'alternative\' software products and markets, sells, distributes and
supports these products in place of the vendor in worldwide markets.

Web Site: http://www.celframe.com

Contact Details: Celframe
245, Park Avenue, 39th floor,
New york, NY 10167

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