Released on: May 27, 2008, 1:55 pm

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Industry: Defense

Press Release Summary: Firms says they can locate a look-a-like for anyone. Secret
application of computer photo database searches executed.

Press Release Body: \"MIL SPEC LOOK-A-LIKE\" a defense advisory firm performs
high-speed computerized photo database searches to locate \"look-a-likes\" for
military purposes. The firm states that they can search as many as 20 million photos
in one search process. And, locate a \"field of candidates\" consisting of around a
half dozen look-a-likes.
The firm then will analyze the photos, qualify the candidates, select all that
qualify, then, hold in-person auditions to determine the best look-a-likes and a
first, and second alternative.
Upon selection of the look-a-likes, the company will negotiate a contract
employing the look-a-likes, then, the firm will train the look-a-likes.
Special training techniques, invented by the advisory, are used to develop the
character, personality, voice sound, facial expressions, body language, special
subject knowledge, and to train the look-a-likes. They train the looka-like to act
exactly like the \"original person\".
If, required the advisory will even plan out the processes by which to install
and put to work the look-a-likes.
Just about any type of look-a-likes is available, including: dictator look-a-like,
heads of state look-a-likes, royalty look-a-likes, billionaire look-a-likes, drug
kingpin look-a-likes, renegade general look-a-likes, terrorist leader
look-a-likes, radical extremist look-a-likes, or anyone. You name them, we\'ll find
a look-a-like for them.
You\'ve probable heard the old saying \"Everyone what a twin somewhere\". The truth
is that just about everyone on earth has about 4 or 5 people out there who looks
exactly like them. And, a computerized search can find a \"field of candidates\" as
The firm is knowledgeable of over a dozen U.S. government photo databases . Knows
how to access these photo treasuries, knows how to develop photo comparision
computer programs, knows how to conduct the search, knows the extraction
procedure, and knows how to qualify every candidate.
The services are available for SOF operations, secret clandestine operations,
subsitution programs, impersonation programs, and so-called
\"snatch-and-replacement\" programs. These services are available only to defense
executives and military generals.
In the case where the general allready has a look-a-like program the advsiory will
examine the program, pointout the good espects of your program and make
recommendations for improvement or project refinement.
For more information about the services visit the website at:
Visit the \"MIL SPEC LOOK-A-LIKES\" webpage.

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