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Released on: June 23, 2008, 9:14 pm

Press Release Author: ATA Press And Associates Sdn. Bhd.

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Art of Spotting Hidden Opportunities-'Basics simplified book' about how you can spot hidden opportunities and to act upon it. The intention of this book is to help make 'fast ideas' and to train your mind to see hidden opportunities.

Press Release Body: Tristen Wealth’s The Blindfold Artist: Art of Spotting Hidden Opportunities is the perfect choice for just about anyone, with its signature way of making difficult and unusual methods for success easy to understand. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why you’re stuck in a day job when you know you have it in you to be a brilliant entrepreneur, or if you’re struggling to set up a business that you know you can be successful at, this book can offer you a mine of information on how to spot
opportunities and turn around seemingly hopeless situations to your advantage.

With its highlighted quotes and direct, user-friendly interface, this book illustrates the idea that business need not be the stronghold of a select few. Rather, it promotes the concept that business success is achievable by anyone who has the right know how. In short, business gurus are made, not born. The mantra of this book is that business is for
everyone. Gone are the days when businesses were managed by familial dynasties and corporate moguls; this extremely contemporary work allows you to find hidden potentials in everyday contexts, and also in yourself.

If you’re a dreamer and want to find practical contexts for your vision, this book is for you.

If you feel out of place in a regular workaday environment and want to put your creative potential to profitable use, this book is for you.

If you want to put your financial difficulties behind you and learn to work smart rather than work hard, this book is definitely for you!


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