TarpsToGo Launches New Grass and Leaf Hauler


Released on: June 17, 2008, 3:27 pm

Press Release Author: Bob Page

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: The low cost way to clear leaves and grass from the back yard without spending a fortune.

Press Release Body: For consumers interested in lawn care made easy, a new product has been launched by TarpsToGo - the EZ Leaf Hauler. It is a simple product that helps make picking up leaves or piles of grass extremely easy and affordable as well. Those who appreciate a great looking lawn are sure to enjoy using this new easy tool to keep their yard clean.

June 11, 2008 -- Lawn care is an important subject today, and when it comes to keeping a lawn clean, it can be difficult to move large piles of grass or leaves. One of the top tarp websites on the web today, TarpsToGo, has just announced that they are now offering a new grass and leaf hauler for purchase as well, which can definitely make lawn care much simpler. The product that is now being offered on the site is the EZ Leaf Hauler, which is a device that aids with clearing up yards. It works to help move large piles of leaves, which is especially useful during the fall months.

The many benefits that this grass and leaf hauler offers prompted the company to start offering this product along with all of their tarps. One of the main benefits of the EZ Leaf Hauler is that it works much better than a wheel barrow does. Consumers can easily load it up and it actually holds a whole lot more than a wheelbarrow does as well. This product also outdoes a blower as well, since it is much cheaper and definitely quieter. While the company offers tarps, when it comes to moving leaves or piles of grass, the leaf hauler definitely wins, since it is equipped with handles, it holds many leaves, and also can be held in place when it's windy with special stakes.

Some of the features of the EZ Leaf Hauler that has just been launched by this company includes a huge 35 sq ft of area to load leaves or grass on. It is also made of a special tarp that is woven in order to be extremely durable. It also has sides on it to allow it to hold a huge amount of leaves or grass. Handles allow it to easily slide around and you can simply fold it up in order to store it.

TarpsToGo, the company launching this new product, has a whole lot more to offer, including a large range of various tarps. The business is a family owned and run business and is located in Naples, Florida. For more than fifty years, this company has been offering quality products across the United States and even in Europe as well.

To learn more about the new EZ Leaf Hauler that is being offered by TarpsToGo, visit www.tarps-togo.com for more information.

About Bob Page:
Bob Page worked in the poly tarps industry for over 20 years, both in sales and production. He is now the creator of one of the best websites online that offers a variety of tarps and related products.

Web Site: http://www.tarps-togo.com

Contact Details: Contact:
Name: Bob Page
Company: TarpsToGo
Address: 4760 Enterprise Ave., Unit 402
Naples, Florida 34104
Phone: 239-919-2923
Website: www.tarps-togo.com


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