The Online Self Defense And Home Security Industry Is Stunned

Released on: July 31, 2008, 8:26 pm

Press Release Author: Jeromy Stevens

Industry: Defense

Press Release Summary: The online self defense and home security industry has been left stunned and feeling very uneasy by the opening of Protection Direct, a company dedicated to taking care of people first and turning a profit second. This is a game changer.

Press Release Body: The online self defense and home security industry now has a company to take the reins and set the bar. Today is the much anticipated grand opening of Protection Direct, a soon to be heavy weight in this industry located at The buzz has run rampant threw out the spectrum of online-based security and defense companies. They have come to the general consensus they need to keep their eyes open and up their game.

What exactly is making the others in the industry look over their shoulder? Simply put, Protection Direct is completely dedicated to taking care of people first and turning a profit second. The founder of Protection Direct, Matthew Carey, comes from leadership background at one of the biggest players in the customer service game, T-Mobile. They hold the last 8 J.D. Power And Associates awards for best customer service in the wireless industry along with being ranked number 23 by Business Week for best customer service in any industry.

Carey commented \"I live, breathe, and die customer service as a career. It is embedded into my character. I have learned time and time again that if you take care of someone and give them a quality experience to remember, they will walk away with a strong confidence in your company. Protection Direct is a way for me to not only to give customers an exceptional experience but a way for me to take it one step further and help people keep those who matter most safe.\"

There is no debate why other names in this industry are worried. The large number of online stores out there offers a \"Wham, Bam, Thank you ma\'am\" approach to their business. This may be an efficient business model but it is by no means effective in the long term. If a customer walks away with the feeling of being hood-winked they will not return. Protection Direct is focused on embracing customers as a friend not just another prospect. \"If someone wants to call me and talk about the weather I\'m happy to do it if it means making the comfortable. I want individuals to walk away with the feeling of doing business with a close friend not a faceless corporation.\" Commented Carey.

Their grand opening is a breath of fresh air for everyone out there that wants to be safe but need guidance from a trusted resource. Protection Direct offers articles on protecting yourself and your home along with a wide range of products including pepper spray, tasers, security alarms, security cameras, diversion safes, and much more. If you want to keep your home and family safe, head over to and let them start your down the road to home and personal

Web Site:

Contact Details: 207-680-0665
71 Pleasant St. Suit 2
Waterville, Me. 04901

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