How self defense weapons are safe

Released on: September 6, 2008, 11:57 am

Press Release Author: Raj Khatri

Industry: Defense

Press Release Summary: These self defense weapons help protect you and your loved
ones from the crime-ridden world in which we live.

Press Release Body: Throughout history, common tools were used so often as weapons
in self-defense that many of them have evolved specifically into weapons or were
adapted with the secondary purpose of being used in self-defense, usually by adding
modifications to its design. Well-known examples include the Irish shillelagh, the
Japanese Bo and hanbo, which were originally used as walking canes and the Buddhist
Monk\'s spade, a shovel monks used for burying corpses which often had sharpened
edges to defend against bandits with more ease.

Thusly many martial arts throughout employ the use of common objects as weapons;
Okinawan karate features items of farming equipment that were later used as weapons
by Okinawan peasants due the prohibition of weapons imposed by the shogun regime
during feudal times; Filipino martial arts such as Eskrima include practice with
machetes, caWnes, bamboo spears, and knives as a result of the 400 year Spanish
colonization that took place in the Philippines which prohibited the ownership and
use of standard swords and bladed weapons; Chinese martial arts and some Korean
martial arts commonly feature the use of improvised weapons such as fans, hammers
and staves; and native North American martial arts such as Okichitaw employ
gunstocks that were originally salvaged from captured muskets during the European
colonization of the Americas. There are even some western martial arts that are
based on improvised weapons such as British quarterstaff fighting and Irish stick

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