Biometrics for Defence

Released on: October 16, 2008, 4:26 am

Press Release Author: bharatbook

Industry: Defense

Press Release Summary: is proud to announce a new report which
describes the applications of defence markets and the relevant markets, aligned with
specific data and independent opinion.

Press Release Body: added a new report on "Biometrics for Defence"

Biometrics refers to automated identification methods using unique human identifiers
such as fingerprints and iris and facial patterns. Biometrics, regarded as a
sophisticated means for identity management, is useful not only for securing
airports and borders but it has many current and potential uses for the world's
armed forces, such as identifying adversaries who hide among the civilian
population, controlling access to military facilities and even in providing medical
and other services to personnel. The biometrics market is changing from merely
homeland security to an intricate part of the defence strategy.

In this new report, Biometrics for Defence 2008, it is noted that defence biometrics
has gone past infancy, although the market has still some way to go to reach full
maturity. Now at a critical stage of its development as the world's militaries are
expected to make greater use of biometrics, this market offers you new and exciting
opportunities. There are factors working against biometrics, such as questions
concerning whether the technology is mature enough for widespread military
application and lingering concerns over privacy. However, those apparent limitations
are offset by the promise of biometrics as a sophisticated and cost-effective means
of identifying both friendly forces and adversaries. Will it be as cost-effective as
promised? Will it work effectively? This report will tell you.

The defence biometrics market is still dominated by the United States, which has
displayed the greatest urgency to use the technology following the September 11,
2001, terrorist attacks. Subsequent military and security engagements in Iraq and
Afghanistan have reinforced the need for advanced security systems. However, over
the next few years - when the technology will have proven its usefulness in military
applications - increasing numbers of global military forces are expected to start
investing in the technology. The use of biometrics for military applications
continues to grow throughout the forecast period 2008-2018. This information is
exclusively available in this report - you will not find this information anywhere

In particular, Biometrics for Defence 2008 describes the applications of defence
markets and the relevant markets, aligned with specific data and independent opinion
- including the results of visiongain's unique survey of relevant experts. This
information is valuable to both defence procurement operations and to relevant
technology providers.

Why You Should Buy This Report :

Biometrics for Defence 2008 discusses the following aspects of that increasingly
important market :

# Discussion of the technologies in defence biometrics
# Forecasts for defence biometrics in the leading US sector and other major markets
# Current and developmental programmes in biometrics for defence
# Discussion of market drivers and restraints, including SWOT analysis
# Full transcripts of interviews with relevant experts.

This new report offers a detailed study of defence biometrics technologies that are
poised to influence military operations over the next 10 years, helping to ensure
the security of military personnel, civilians, information and property.

Strong growth of revenues in the defence biometrics sector from 2008-2018,
particularly in the latter half of the period. By then, some currently emerging
technologies will have become well established commercially, with these being used
on a wider scale after use in limited or trial applications first. The opportunities
for technology providers in biometrics are great and increasing - you should be
benefiting from this development. The evidence shows that the world's leading
military forces will increasingly adopt biometrics for various applications, with
accompanying market growth for both specialised and standard systems - you should be
part of that market.

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