Changing Your Environment: Advice for Business


Released on: December 4, 2008, 4:56 am

Press Release Author: Harmony Inside & Out, LLC

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Entrepreneurs now have access to a different type of advice for business. There are a many tips available for business owners to help them become more successful. However, not much of that advice is related to the importance of environment. The Energetic Edge: How Changing Your Surroundings = BIG Success ( addresses this need.

Press Release Body: The Energetic Edge ( is a new e-book written by Linda Binns, that addresses just how a person's home and workplace affects their business, regardless of where that business is located. Examples include advice for business owners that addresses how to work with a bedroom or bathroom to increase business success, what impact the garage has on a business, and the importance of addressing clutter in the home or office.

According to Linda Binns, the home and work place have a major impact on a person's business, either supporting or sabotaging their efforts. The book includes examples of clients who have dramatically improved their success by using the tips for business that are covered in her book.

When looking for help or advice for a business, this might just be the kind of information that is needed. More information about the book is available at

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