Playboy Bunny Adds "Appeal" to Seg-Ins Inc. First Television Commercial



Released on: July 29, 2010, 5:00 am
Author: Creative Bube Tube
Industry: Advertising

The Canadian Vehicle Accessory Company uses the power of television advertising to show off their hot new product.

Creative Bube Tube, a television commercial production company and Seg-Ins Inc. collaborated together to create, produce and present a TV advertisement for the truck accessory company. They decided the best way to highlight their new product, the "Big Bed", was to get themselves recognized on television. The imaginative team at Creative Bube Tube narrowed down the style of commercial Seg-Ins wanted and as always, made sure it would be appealing to the target audience. "We know this product appeals a bit more to men and wanted to have a commercial that would stay in their mind. Creative Bube Tube could not have created a more fitting concept!" said Jason Hawkins VP of Marketing at Seg-Ins Inc.

The Big Bed - Segins from Creative Bube Tube on Vimeo.

The television commercial production company knew the best way to appeal to men was with a woman. Darren Scaravelli, Creative Director at Creative Bube Tube, scripted a commercial that showed off the benefits of the Big Bed and the benefits of a Playboy model in a commercial, "I wanted this to be a manly commercial. We show a bunch of guys loading up a truck for an epic camping weekend and have this dazzlingly hot woman walk over carrying the Big Bed to help them out. You couldn't get manlier than that!" The script was instantly green lighted and approved by Seg-Ins Inc.

Creative Bube Tube, also in charge of production, planned the entire shoot to be flawless while still having some fun on set. The owners of Seg-Ins Inc. and their VP of Marketing even make a special guest appearance at the end of the commercial, seen fumbling with some lumber in the back of a truck. Jenny Munford, President and Owner of Creative Bube Tube, made sure the commercial was cut to be flawless in the editing suites, "This commercial could not have turned out better. We show what the product does, who uses it and threw in some sex appeal, the commercial is the perfect way to appeal to guys with trucks!" Thanks to the skilled editors at Creative Bube Tube and the talented animators at Critical Productions, the Big Bed commercial achieves high-end excellence expected from the television commercial production company.

The commercial will be broadcast mid July and both Seg-Ins Inc. and Creative Bube Tube expect a great response.

About Seg-Ins Inc.: Seg-Ins Inc. produces high quality hauling accessories that are the product of the creative ideas of Jason Hawkins, Mike and Don Segeren. Their flagship product, the "Big Bed" adds an extension to the back of truck beds to provide that extra support when hauling long loads. Seg-Ins designed their products to work with short-box and long box trucks as well as SUVs. Their goal was to eliminate the problems caused by long loads as well as unnecessary use of a trailer, which reduces fuel efficiency. Seg-Ins Inc is located in Charing Cross Ontario and can be found online at

About Creative Bube Tube: Creative Bube Tube continues to produce superior quality commercials, backed by a team of high skilled and creative individuals who take pride in each project they work on. The production company works not only on commercials and infomercials but also provides numerous services including but not limited to: Research and Project Development, Creative Conceptualization, Storyboards, Location Scouting, Casting and Scripting, Set Design, Studio Production, Professional Lighting & Audio, Professional Wardrobe, Hair and Make-up, Directing and Creative Supervision, Full Service Editing, Special Effects, Graphics and Animation, and a wide variety of Voice Over Talent. The brilliant team has worked with numerous clients worldwide, including New Beacon Financial, allMax Nutrition, Hauser Furniture, Touchstone Resort, The nadian Gift Planners Association, Slimband, avVaa World Health Products, Seg-Ins Inc and Skin Vitality Medical Spas. For more information on Creative Bube Tube, visit us online at

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