Workplace Safety Experts Slingsby Warns 'Flooding Can Drown A Business'



Released on: December 08, 2010, 6:16 am
Author: Slingsby
Industry: Industrial

AS FLOODING becomes an ever increasing risk in the UK, many organisations are investing in flood protection products as a precaution against the severe disruption that water damage can do to a business according to workplace equipment provider Slingsby.

The Association of British Insurers has revealed that since 2000 the cost of flood damage in the UK has soared by more than 200 per cent with insurers paying out £4.5 billion since the start of the decade, which is up from £1.5 billion between 1990 and 2000. Slingsby sells more than 35,000 products across all industries and in recent years the company has introduced a range of flood defence products as a direct result of customer demand.

Lee Wright, Marketing Director of Slingsby says: “Flooding is becoming an ever increasing threat to many workplaces and as we've seen in recent years it can happen at almost any time during the year. Many businesses that experience a flood never reopen and with the Government recently announcing investment cuts in flood defences, we're seeing increasing numbers of businesses buying flood protection products purely as an insurance policy.

“Even though a business may not be located near to a river or other such water source, it could still be affected by surface or groundwater flooding which can be very difficult to predict. Although it's impossible to completely flood-proof a property there are lots of things that can be done to help prevent flood damage and make drying-out and cleaning up much quicker and easier.”

Lee continues: “In buildings that are at risk of flooding, for fixed items and furniture, it's a good idea to use water resistant materials such as stainless steel or plastic where possible and electrical equipment and machinery can sit on raised plinths. It also makes sense to raise electrical sockets and fuse boxes and store valuable items on high-mounted shelves.

“Most importantly any insurance policies covering buildings and contents should be checked to determine what cover they offer for flood damage. It's also worth notifying insurers when making any modifications to buildings because it could result in lower premiums.”

Below is a selection of products from Slingsby's range that are all proving especially popular with businesses and organisations looking to protect themselves against the risks of flooding. They are all available from Slingsby by visiting or by calling 0800 294 4440.

For high resolution images of any products please call Steve Wright on 0113 257 6633 or email

Sandbags either filled or unfilled
Robust bags for flood protection. Either Hessian or polypropylene available. Online prices from £66.50 + VAT for a pack of 50 or £114 for 25 filled.

Flood barrier (others available)
Accredited with the BSI Kitemark for flood protection for building apertures. 25mm thick, steel boxed frame that expands telescopically on the horizontal and vertical plane. Enveloped by a 7mm thick neoprene jacket that, when expanded, forms a waterproof seal. Installation approximately 2 minutes. Does not require any permanent fittings to the property. Easy to use, store and maintain. Can be placed on the inside, useful for fire doors. Online prices from £349 + VAT

Air brick cover
Choice of 2 sizes. Made from GRP moulded plastic. Once fitted takes only seconds to seal the unit. Can be hand painted if required.
Online prices from £85.50 + VAT

Submersible dirty water pump
Removes dirty water with particles up to 20mm at high speed. Suitable for use in flooded areas, ponds and pools, etc. Water level monitoring by means of a float switch allows the pump to work automatically between predetermined levels. Maximum output - 7,000 l/h. Maximum immersion depth - 9m. 320W. Maximum pressure head / pressure - 6m / 0.6 bar.
Online price - £56.95 + VAT


Media contact:- Steve Wright on 0113 2576633.

Note to editor:-

Slingsby was established in Bradford during 1893 by Harry Crowther Slingsby who designed and created a range of robust trucks and trolleys to move heavy loads horizontally around large buildings. Several members of the Slingsby family remain on the board of directors and whilst the company is still famous for its manual handling equipment, it now supplies more than 35,000 workplace products to a full range of industries via its catalogues and website. With severe winter weather already being experienced in the UK many businesses are urged to stock up on snow shovels and rock salt, Slingsby are able to meet this requirement with a wide range of winter weather equipment such as grit bins and salt spreaders too, for further information visit

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