Whooga Ugg Boots Spread to the UK and US



Released on: May 02, 2011, 10:32 am
Author: Michael Hodge
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Originating in Australia back in 2003 Whooga ugg boots have spread like wildfire across the United States and now look set to sweep the UK. The Australian ugg boot market is a dramatically different market to the US and UK in a number of ways. Driving up the East coast of Australia you will pass many small businesses which offer their own brand of ugg boots. Typically these businesses are generations old and the owner has learned to craft his or her skills working in the back room of the store making each and every pair by hand. Unlike the majority of modern footwear manufacturers these store owners are the craftsman responsible for the manufacturing of the product and also the person interacting directly with and obtaining feedback from the customer. This level of involvement and decades of refinement have resulted in a myriad of stores which offer a very competitive and refined ugg boot. Ugg boots are unlike other types of footwear, the recipe for warmth, comfort and durability is a complex one with many secret ingredients.

Leathers in ugg boots are comparatively soft, the twin faced leathers are hard to come by and available in a wide range of grades. Different leather dying processes result in differing leather odours and differing colour fastness. The leathers stretch and so cutting boots to size is a tricky process. A boot which stretches too much will overstress the relatively soft leathers and the boots will tear. A lose fitting boot will lack the ‘clouds of warm air’ comfort that has given ugg boots a legendry reputation. But like any complex recipe when it’s made just right the results are very special.

Growing up in Australia Whooga founders believed there was an opportunity to offer a sheepskin boot which was designed solely for the purpose of being the most comfortable boot available. The leathers used in construction of Whooga are graded higher than traditional ugg boots. The inner fleece is markedly thicker and softer. The classic designs have been refined over decades and are very lightweight. The remaining secret ingredients are like any great recipe very well protected. Take a browse online for ugg boot comparisons and reviews and you’ll see the proof really is in the pudding. NYShoe Spy conducted what can be considered to be the most comprehensive comparison of all major ugg boot brands to date.

EMU, Bear Paws, UGG Australia and Whooga were compared back to back and reviewed independently. While not topping the benchmarks in every regard Whooga stood well above the competition when it came to comfort and value.

Whooga is quite a well respected brand in Australia. Australian’s have had a wide range of ugg boot brands to choose from for many decades and so many options are considered when the consumer looks for something to beat the winter chills. The US and UK consumers haven’t had as many alternatives to consider until recently. Whooga looks set to broaden consumer choice in the UK this year word begins to spread of the superior warmth and value. If the Australian market is anything to gauge the potential popularity of Whooga then those suffering the colder UK winters are sure to fall in love with Whooga just as much as their southern hemisphere counterparts have.

In the coming months Whooga will introduce 3 day delivery to the UK and 5 day delivery throughout Europe. The problem faced in the past is that of demand outstripping supply. The leathers used in Whooga’s are quite rare and due to high production standards when leathers fail to meet quality guidelines boot production is slowed. With the introduction of 3 day delivery customers will no longer need to wait and endure weeks of cold toes. A by product of stringent quality standards and an extremely refined boot manufacturing process is the Whooga warranty and service. Ugg boots are by no means a cheap boot and so it can be bitterly disappointing to outlay considerable expense for boots which tear or rip only to be left to fork out for repairs or as is the often the case binning a pair of otherwise good boots. Whooga are able to offer a 12 month warranty on their boots which also covers the freight cost of returning pairs. Customers literally have zero risk when considering quality.

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