U.S. Company Turns to BRAZIL to Advance New Technology


Released on: September 30, 2011, 6:13 pm
Author: Constance Zimmerman
Industry: Telecommunications, Transportation / Logistics, Education, Government, Small Business

We Don't Make the SmartphoneWe Make it Smarter, Safer, Courteous and Compliant.

With a registered bill on the table, U.S. based Try Safety First (TSF) is deploying time, talent and resources into Brazil to advance its new mobile phone protocol technology. With its white paper being published in more than twenty-four countries across the globe, it is Brazil where TSF is looking to launch.

When asked why Brazil , TSF CEO John Fischer said, TSF is eager to work with all governments and strategic partners to advance our patent-pending protocol technology. But to date, it is the congressional leaders of Brazil who have demonstrated the greatest desire and responsiveness to tackle the serious cell phone problems in their country.

According to the World Health Organization, environment specific (prisons, court rooms, classrooms, in flight and behind the wheel) cell phone problems are costing the world's top industrialized countries between one and three percent of GDP. Fischer agrees societal cell phone problems are dynamic, devastating and very costly. But he also expands the statement by saying they can easily be eradicated with the implementation of TSF protocol technology.

TSF is the world leader for mobile device protocol development. According to Fischer, the advancement of TSF's protocol technology will provide an optional tool for parents, teachers, judges, wardens, pilots and employers to easily eliminate cell phone problems within their respective environments. TSF's primary objective is to establish a uniform global standard throughout the wireless industry to increase the functionality of mobile devices to provide simple solutions to remedy grand societal problems.

For more information on TSF technology or for investment opportunities, please visit http://trysafetyfirst.com.

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