Just In Time for the Holiday Season: Natural Glamour



Released on: November 03, 2011, 4:31 am
Author: Wisely Made
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

For consumers who desire glamour and luxury without the chemicals, seek no further than Wisely Made, Inc’s all natural hair and skin care products. They are making their long awaited debut to the public just in time for the holiday season.

Many pricey and luxurious beauty products on the market today are saturated with chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, preservatives, sulfates and more. Some of the biggest beauty makers are unable to even publicize their products are cruelty-free and stand behind what they are marketing.

“That’s exactly why I launched Wisely Made,” said Fabiola Lapeine, President of the luxurious Wisely Made line of all natural skin care and natural hair care products. “I love to look and feel beautiful, but many available commercialized hair and skin care products, unfortunately, do more harm than good, due to their harsh and extreme ingredients.”

Even the so-called “natural hair products” and “all natural skin care products” aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. “Having a featured ingredient like green tea, Shea butter or soy doesn’t necessarily make a product all-natural,” said Lapeine, a Registered Nurse. “Plus, it’s more than just having one specific ingredient in your product. It’s about having the right amount and combinations of other ingredient to actually have a beauty or health-enhancing effect,” she concluded.

The Wisely Made All Natural Approach to Luxurious Beauty
Re-launching with a new and improved line of all natural beauty products this November, Wisely Made bottles up the best from nature and leaves out the synthetic, chemical byproducts so prevalent in everyday beauty products. The company’s natural hair products cater to the needs of hair so it can heal, grow healthy and be strong. What’s more, Wisely Made hair care products can be used on any hair type and work exceptionally well with very tight curls and/or ethnic hair. Wisely Made’s all natural skin care products can be used on all types of skin and due to its lack of chemicals, only goodness and nutrients will be absorbed instead of toxins.

“Due to the intense research as well as quality of our ingredients, the benefits of Wisely Made products are never-ending and constantly nourishing. We are committed to offering quality, safe and real quality natural products and we stand behind our products 100%,” Lapeine said.

About Wisely Made, Inc.:
Wisely Made, Inc. is a produces and distributes a complete line of all-natural hair and skincare products for men and women. Their shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and other natural skin and hair care products contain no preservatives, no artificial colors or fragrances, and no chemicals of any kind. The company operates in the spirit of education and advocacy, hoping to enlighten consumers to the personal and global benefits of using natural products.

To learn more about Wisely Made’s all-natural hair and skincare products, to place an order and to read a list of their products ingredients, visit:

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