The first Sicilian Wedding planner in London

LONDON, November 24, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Weddings Made in Sicily is born to answer the increasing requests from British couples to get married in Italy and the lack of Sicilian wedding planners based in London. After George and Amal Clooney tied the knot in Venice, Italy became number 1 destination in Italy. The main attractions currently are Venice – of course – Rome and the Amalfi coat. While yes these places are fabulous, there are lots of gems to be discovered that because they are still to be found keep their integrity and also lower prices.

About the founder: Giorgia Di Bella
Giorgia is a born and bred Sicilian based in London with a passion for travel, food, people, new trends, traditions, fashion, art, music and all that jazz. Oh she is married too!

“Organising my wedding was one of the most stressful but yet rewarding projects I have ever done. All the things I have learnt from my background in the creative industry – I am an advertising director by trade, you know – and the passion for my land, Sicily, together with the ambition of giving my foreign (and local) guests an unforgettable experience contributed to put together an extraordinary event, in Sicily.

So I thought, why not helping others have their extraordinary event in Sicily? This was the start of Weddings Made in Sicily. “

“Sicily is an amazing piece of earth however it doesn’t let itself be easily navigated. I spent most of my life there and I keep going back to my family and friends because I just can’t stay away. I have a great network of people there who can offer the best possible services; from locations you wouldn’t find online to wine suppliers who can offer a great deal – because they are friends of friends, you know – to chefs that will make you discover new food, new tastes. I have access to all this and much more.”

The offer:
Weddings Made in Sicily offer their UK-based clients the opportunity to have a UK local wedding planner with great knowledge and connection with Sicily. The first contact is a first face-to-face meeting to establish what the clients have in mind and, most importantly, why they have chosen Sicily for their destination wedding. The first stage would be to brainstorm together and choose a theme. A theme is the ‘guideline’ needed to ensure consistency and excellence of execution. Why Sicily? Is it because of its rustic chic locations, its Caribbean-like shores or because of the Greek ruins, to name some? If so, maybe the Amphitheatre near Agrigento could be the ideal location (you know Google Top managers have organised their yearly team building get together last July) and get married with a view on the Greek Valley of the Temples? It’s just a thought but that can start a theme that can be used on the wedding’s invites, on the décor for the table and why not, mayve some food influenced by Ancient Greece could feature in the menu!

Once a theme is agreed, Giorgia will come back with ideas, boards and will narrow down the options so customers don’t have to lose their mind over the number of possibilities. At that point, a little escape to Sicily to make decisions and meet the suppliers is in order. This will include location scouting, menu tasting, make-up trials, fashion designers fittings (yes, the network includes high end Sicilian fashion designers if you fancy a Sicilian touch on your dress! On this note, did you know Dolce and Gabbana are Sicilian??), photographers’ folio reviews… This is to ensure customers meet and feel comfortable with their suppliers as they are in charge or bringing all the small parts to live.

Weddings Made in Sicily offers a 360 service and acts as a one stop shop for those couples that want to plan their big day in Sicily. Giorgia will handle the budgets, the negotiations, the relationships with the suppliers and the bureaucrats and, most importantly, will inspire customers with new ideas and get them excited. Anyone interested can find out more on and ask to meet Giorgia for a first chat.

Contact-Details: Anyone interested can find out more on and ask to meet Giorgia for a first chat.

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