Author Alaric “Al Necro” Cabiling Has Released His Debut Work of Literary Short Fiction Entitled “Insanity by Increments”

Title: Insanity By Increments
Author: Alaric “Al Necro” Cabiling
ISBN 978-1-312-92050-7

Richmond, VA, November 24, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — author Alaric Cabiling published “Insanity By Increments,” in March 04, 2015 in eBook format. Now, “Insanity By Increments” is available in both electronic and print media formats from all major online retailers worldwide. Fans of paperback print media will love “Insanity By Increments” bold design.

“Insanity By Increments,” a collection of short stories, examines the darker side of the human condition with characters that reveal humanity in the midst of distress. Author Alaric Cabiling has one of the most distinct authorial voices in literature today, putting his penchant for subtlety and persuasive language on display in his debut work of fiction.

Two brothers test fate. A father mourns the loss of his child. An old abandoned home is the scene of a final journey into the past. A man revisits the scene of a one-night stand. Each story is unforgiving in its attempt at revealing the transcendental from the mundane.

Reviews of Insanity By Increments have helped spread acclaim for Cabiling’s work.

“Modern literary short fiction is not unusual: many attempt it; relatively few do it well – especially in the style of the gothic horror approach so aptly explored by Poe, Hawthorne, and other greats. That’s why it’s such a pleasure to read Insanity by Increments: it takes some of the methods and madness of these greats and moves a step further, presenting nine short stories of contemplation and quiet horror.” – Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“Cabiling is a master at creating moods, especially those which border on the macabre, the obsessive and the melancholy. Each word seems selected carefully, examined and put in place just so, and the flawed and flailing characters he peoples his work with become almost familiar to the reader as he himself is…and that’s a pretty scary thing, and the handiwork of a powerful and creative writer.” – Jack Magnus, Readers Favorite

Reviewers may contact Alaric Cabiling directly for promo copies or interview requests at Alaric dot Cabiling at gmail dot com

Contact-Details: Alaric Cabiling Ltd.

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