Birmingham Airport makes energy savings despite the airports expansion

Milton Keynes, UK, November 30, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Despite substantial expansion and rising passenger numbers in recent years Birmingham Airport has managed to reduce its overall energy consumption.

The airport is the third largest airport outside London, and the UK’s seventh largest overall, handling over nine million passengers a year. Over the last ten years, it has invested more than £200m to develop its infrastructure, and has the capacity to service 36m passengers a year on its single runway.

A major part of identifying excess consumption has been the TEAM Sigma Software, which the airport uses to turn vast amounts of raw data into meaningful energy management data.

Birmingham Airport uses TEAM’ Sigma energy management software to turn the large amounts of raw metering data into relevant energy information. TEAM software is then used to produce weekly reports analysing fluctuations in energy consumption to detect where the organisations plant and equipment has gone out of their parameters.

In August 2013, electricity consumption at Birmingham Airport peaked at 26.5m kWh. A degree day cooling analysis identified that the high consumption was largely down to running the cooling plant, which is a substantial cost to the business.

Geoff Brunt, Engineering Manager at the Airport said: “Sigma Software highlighted this. If a piece of equipment/a sensor is 1% out of its calibration it can add 10, 15 or even 20% to your overall energy bill. In 13-months we managed to reduce electricity consumption in the terminal alone by 2.6m kWh.”

“We cannot thank TEAM enough for showing us a way to achieve these savings and add value to our business.”

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For more information please call Anwen Evans, Marketing Co-ordinator at TEAM on 01908 690018 or email

Contact-Details: TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd), Anwen Evans, 34 The Forum, Rockingham Drive, Linford Wood, Miltion Kenynes, MK14 6LY, 01908 690018,

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