Top Foreign Commodity Exchange Extend Partnership on China International Oil and Oil Byproducts Conference

Beijing, China, March 29, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — and the foreign Commodity Exchange today settled on an agreement on joint collaboration for the annual China International Oil and Oil Byproducts Conference (OOBC) for the next three years. The name of the Partner Commodity Exchange will be made public at a further date. In addition, the conference serves to stimulate global players’ involvement in the futures market and also increase awareness of trading products of the two Exchanges.

Commenting on the extension of the partnership, Geng T. Liangding, Chief Executive Officer of CHCEX said, “We certainly see the value in our continued collaboration which has been fruitful in developing the offerings and growth of the oil markets. In OOBC lies as well the common aim of promoting the growth and trading of oil and oil byproducts contracts, and CHCEX is pleased that such objectives have been met throughout the years. We are confident this will pave way for more similar opportunities towards the sustainable growth of the oil industry within the two countries.”

Jin Meicheng, Chief Investment Officer for CHCEX said, “Thanks to the care and support of related departments, as well as the joint efforts of both organizations, OOBC will be an industry brand conference.” Mr. Liu said that in order to further promote cooperation between the two exchanges and the development of the oil industry, they agreed to sign an agreement to continue the joint hosting of the OOBC.

Among some of the interesting topics to be discussed at the two-day conference are ‘Current Situation and Prospect of China’s macro economy and ‘China’s Oil and Oil byproduct Industry Situation and Development Prospect.

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