Bussey and Fouts Announces Their Practices To Assist You With Legal Needs

Lexington KY, 2016-May-16 — /EPR Network/ — (http://www.busseyandfouts.com/) A law firm that gives excellent service to clients that badly needed their help is what every person with legal problems wants. Lawyers that will give 100% of their ability to satisfy their clients is what Bussey and Fouts is all about.  Many law firms claim they can get you a settlement, but what you are really getting is a quick settlement. This means that your case is rushed through the settlement process so it will cost the insurance company less. Bussey and Fouts don’t just want to settle your case, they want to get you the benefits you need when you need them most.

Here are the practices that Bussey and Fouts that you can rely on to give you peace of mind for whatever problem you are going through.

Personal Injury – Personal injury law includes injuries, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity. Physical injuries to a person can arise from being involved in an automobile accident, airline or other common carrier accident, being injured as a result of a dangerous or otherwise unsafe product, injury due to negligence of a property owner and other injury-causing situations. Psychological injuries are typically caused by psychological trauma associated with serious and/or disfiguring physical injuries.

Workers Compensation – Workers’ Compensation (sometimes called workers comp or workman’s comp) is insurance that an employer is required by law to carry in case an employee is injured on the job, becomes ill due to circumstances surrounding their job, becomes temporarily or permanently disabled, or even if death results from their job. It is your right as an employee to receive medical treatment at the employer’s expense as long as treatment is reasonable and necessary to treat the injury. You are also entitled to receive wage loss benefits while you are unable to return to work, and for permanent disability.

Social Security Disability – The Social Security Administration (SSA), provides benefits for people who have become disabled and no longer able to perform substantial, gainful work. If you are medically disabled and unable to work due to severe impairment, you may be entitled benefits from the SSA and can receive monthly payments to supplement your income.

Medical Malpractice – Medical Malpractice occurs when a negligent act or omission by a doctor or other medical professional results in damage or harm to a patient. Negligence by a medical professional can include an error in diagnosis, treatment, or illness management. If such negligence results in injury to a patient, a legal case for medical malpractice can arise against the physician or a hospital.

These are the services they offer with professional experiences that you can rely on. They have been on the business for many long years and has been proven to give quality services for their clients in Lexington. Do not hesitate to call them and they will be glad to give you their best to the best and farthest of their knowledge, giving you the extra mile when it comes to excellent service and assistance.


Bussey and Fouts is located  on 501 Darby Creek Road Suite 13 Lexington, KY 40509. Their office hours are from 9am to 5pm, that is from Monday to Friday. If you have difficulties with the address, here are some directions for Bussey and Fouts

Directions: Turn onto Darby Creek Road off of Man-O-War Blvd and take your first left into the office complex. They are on the right side and at suite number 13.

About Bussey and Fouts

Bussey and Fouts is made up of Davis Bussey and Ken Fouts. The firm was founded in 1989 with the shared mindset that service to clients was to be the first priority and that satisfied clients would make for a successful business. Bussey and Fouts has been working for Kentuckians in the same location for over 20 years and looks forward to having the opportunity to assist you in the future.

Contact Information:

501 Darby Creek Road Suite 13

Lexington, Kentucky 40509

Phone: 859 263 1140

Fax: 859 263 1336


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