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Like A Man to be released May 9th


2017-Apr-19 — /EPR Network/ — EJ has been kicked out of bars 86 times. Growing up in a broken home in West Miami led him to underage drinking and unprotected sex. EJ represents all of the angry people out there who look at life in a bit of a twisted and cynical way.


His book “Like A Man” is the journey of a young man who you would love to grab a drink with but hate to be your neighbor.  Composed of short stories “Like A Man” focuses on humorous excess. EJ’s views on women, drinking, and inappropriate sexual rendezvous.


Falling into the literary genre of “fratire” fiction lit, written to young men in a politically incorrect fashion, EJ hits all the hot topics. Pritch celebrates masculinity and mocks social convention.


On May 9th “ Like A Man” will be released through Authorhouse and available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon


If you are a fan of Tucker Max, Barney Stinson, or Chad Kultgen you will embrace Like A Man with irrepressible shock and awe.

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