Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee Acclaimed For Its Unique Flavor Profile

Honduras Coffee Whole Bean, 100% Organic

CARSON CITY, NV, U.S.A., 2017-May-15 — /EPR Network/ — For months, coffee fans have been raving about the unique flavors of Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee. Favored for its mellow chocolatey taste and subtle tones of caramel, cocoa, honey and nuts, this medium dark roast was an instant hit among experts and customers alike as soon as it became available on

“This medium roast has a soft chocolate flavor and mild aroma that I quite enjoy,” a gourmet coffee expert remarked. “It is smooth but not overbearing, and there’s no aftertaste unlike other Honduran varieties I have tried.”

“I absolutely love the full-bodied flavor of this Aroma Bravo coffee. Its earthy, chocolatey taste is very enticing and the added hints of cocoa and nuts were a wonderful surprise. I’ve never encountered a Honduras coffee with such a great balance of flavors. It’s something that I would personally recommend to serious coffee lovers,” another expert on gourmet coffee commented.

Creating a coffee with a unique flavor profile is not an easy feat. Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea has taken special measures to produce a coffee of this kind, starting out with the right type of beans.

“The selection of beans is the most important aspect. Our whole coffee beans are exclusively sourced from Marcala—a region in Honduras that cultivates the best Arabica varieties. They are grown in organic farms around the area with an altitude that’s ideal for coffee farming,” an Aroma Bravo official revealed.

Because the beans are completely organic and chemical-free, they naturally convey the authentic taste of Honduran coffee, which is a deep and earthy flavor with a full body. To fully unveil the smooth chocolatey and nutty characteristics of the coffee, Aroma Bravo’s master roasters work on the beans in very small batches.

“The unique flavor profile of our Honduras coffee is the result of premium quality beans and expert roasting techniques. We carefully monitor every step from bean selection to packaging in order to deliver the very best Honduras whole bean coffee to our valued customers,” the Aroma Bravo official concluded.

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About Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea
Aroma Bravo offers organic whole coffee beans from Marcala, Honduras. Highly rated for its smooth and well-balanced flavor, Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee is a must-have for coffee lovers.

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