Restore the natural vitality of your face with MEDIMIX AYURVEDIC FACE WASH WITH 6 ESSENTIAL HERBS

Mumbai, India, 2017-Sep-12 — /EPR Network/ — MEDIMIX, established in the year 1969, is considered as one of the most trusted Ayurvedic brand for more than four decades; has remained the pioneer in the personal care segment by providing complete skin care solutions.

Their new television commercial is all set to be aired from the 21st of July, conveying the message that MEDIMIX AYURVEDIC FACE WASH WITH 6 ESSENTIAL HERBS is the only way out of being guilty for ignoring the skin.

The 30 sec commercial reflects a regular scenario in the household of every young working woman, who struggles to find time to indulge herself in elaborate skin care rituals. Everyday pollution & stress, hectic lifestyle etc. takes a toll on the skin and therefore facial skin requires extra attention and nourishment. The television commercial highlights that

MEDIMIX AYURVEDIC FACE WASH WITH 6 ESSENTIAL HERBS helps in restoring the natural vitality of your face wash in a single step.

 “We were driven by the brand’s potential to reach out to the consumers in a category that is relevant to the segment and aptly addresses the need-gap.”- Murari Srinivasa, Head Marketing & New Product Development, Cholayil Private Ltd.

METAL Communications is the creative agency for brand Medimix and the creator of this latest commercial. According to Ambarish Ray, COO, METAL, “Together with Team Cholayil, we started the process of re-crafting the Medimix brand nearly four years ago, and this the latest work to further the Nothing Better Than Natural theme”.

The commercial fittingly brings out the relevance of the product advocating the use of MEDIMIX AYURVEDIC FACE WASH WITH 6 ESSENTIAL HERBS as the best way out of feeling guilty of neglecting the skin.

Objective of the campaign:

The TVC is intended to position the brand MEDIMIX, as a new-age, on-the-go product that is ideal for today’s mufti-tasking, young working women who might find it hard to juggle between their jobs, family life thus neglecting their skin in the process. The tagline Guilty of Neglect? Innocent skin 24×7 is proposed to ring a bell for all the women, for whom this might be true, and reach out to them and let them know that MEDIMIX AYURVEDIC FACE WASH WITH 6 ESSENTIAL HERB is perfect because nothing is better than natural.


Film Descriptor (i.e. describing the film):

The film visually opens with a shot of a girl sneaking into her house late at night after a hectic day at work. The young girl featured in the commercial represents a career- focused woman who is attempting to balance her professional work life and personal life. While she walks into the room she notices her grandmother, a retired Judge, waiting for her return albeit late at night. Her grandmother is seated in front of a book shelf, against which a life-size portrait of hers’ hangs on the wall depicting a serious and grim facade of a typical High-Court Judge. Her grandmother immediately confronts the young girl asking her why she’s late again, to which the she replies bowing her head ‘Guilty your Honor’. The grandmother chides her reminding her that office work cannot leave her repeatedly guilty for neglecting her skin! At this very moment, her mother approaches the conversation, handing over a tube of the MEDIMIX  6 essential herb face wash.


The scene breaks into a visual that showcases the 6 essential herbs present in face wash. The next day, as the young girl is about to leave to office, the caring but strict grandmother asks her fiercely if she is likely to be late from work again.  With a smile on her face, the young girl confidently takes the tube of MEDIMIX face wash from her bag, as she tells her grandmother “Case Closed Grandma”, implying that she is no-more guilty for neglecting her skin with MEDIMIX AYURVEDIC FACE WASH WITH 6 ESSENTIAL HERB with her!

Campaign Summary:



Cholayil Private Limited

Campaign element Television Commercial
Creative Agency METAL Communications Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Agency Team


Narayan Kumar, Director and Creative Head, Kurien Mathews, CEO & Ambarish Ray, COO

Creative team: Cyrus Sahiar & Arindam Mallick

Client servicing team: Yogeta Yadav, Ridhima Srivastava, Vrinda Nair & Viddhi Vorani

Production House Cutawayy Films
Director Mr. Bhavesh Kapadia
Head – Marketing & New Product Development Mr. Murari Srinivasa
Senior Brand 



Mr. Subramaniam Venkataraman


Duration 30 Secs
Exposure (Medium used)  360 degree campaign covering TV, Print ,Radio, Cinema and Digital media.



Speaking on the release of TVC campaign, Mr. Pradeep Cholayil, Chairman and Managing Director of Cholayil Pvt. Ltd, said “MEDIMIX has been a household name as one of the most trusted Ayurvedic brand for decades because the natural way is ideal for long-term skin benefits as extended by product portfolio. We hope to give our patrons and customers with products that are ideally suited to the needs to the modern generation.”


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