Neopeutics Launches New Platform To Unite The Health And Wellness Community

DR1224 will bridge the gap in science communications and healthy living by connecting professionals and everyday users in the health and wellness community.

San Jose, California, 2017-Dec-11 — /EPR Network/ — Neopeutics Inc. announces the official launch of its content-rich, strategic health and wellness essentials hub called DR1224. The live platform is designed to bring stakeholders, contributors, researchers, experts, innovators, educators and everyday users alike together in a single place to share ideas, technological advances, reviews, news, research, and other information.

By harnessing the power of digital information exchange, social media, and globalization, DR1224 strives to redefine approaches to health, wellness, education, and practice through its focused 24/7 information sharing platform. As global healthcare expenditures rise and the world’s population seeks to be more informed on issues and opportunities, DR1224 is a preventative and proactive response to building healthier, happier lives.

“In creating DR1224 we envisioned a way to strategically engage with the health and wellness community through our comprehensive features and offerings,” says Dr. Harlizawati Jahari, CEO Neopeutics Inc. “We created the DR1224 platform as part of our digital health and wellness portfolio to facilitate the exchange of meaningful ideas, opinions, knowledge, expertise, inspiration, and experiences that act to help our users balance all aspects of their health and well-being.”

DR1224, which is short for Daily Ritual 12/24, is an around the clock resource for an active community. The site has two options for use: a free to access platform for individual users, and a monthly paid subscription area for businesses, companies, and organizations.

The rich and varied content on DR1224 is organized into multiple sub-categories for easy reference: Wellness Essentials, Science & Wellness, Featured Products & Services, Media, and News & Events. Whether it is learning tips to improve your career, setting a fitness plan, asking questions about everything from allergies to Alzheimer’s, shopping for a new vitamin regime, or reading about the latest science and medicine research, the platform relies on a proactive group of users and verified and credentialed experts to build a healthier and happier future together.

While offering a chance for health and wellness professionals to tap into an engaged market, DR1224 also acts to motivate users to make positive changes in their lives through more active and informed healthy choices. DR1224 aims to become a ritual hub for a global community to utilize for their daily needs and search for life balance.

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About DR1224

DR1224 was developed by Neopeutics Inc. as part of their digital health and wellness portfolio to serve as a strategic and community health and wellness essentials hub. The live platform enables both individual users and business or company accounts to hold an educated, proactive, and concentrated conversation about a variety of topics related to an overall healthy lifestyle. In bridging the gap between the science and wellness arenas, DR1224 brings opportunities to stakeholders, contributors, experts, and consumers alike within its single platform that creates a greater understanding and appreciation for the underlying science behind healthy living.

DR1224’s five sections serve as a tool for users to go beyond basic lifestyle topics to delve deeper into health, wellness, life balance, happiness, mental health, technology, love, relationships, career, and family news, writing, and research.

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About Neopeutics

Located in Malaysia and the United States, Neopeutics is a pre-clinical contract research and product development partner, that offers clients and partners a robust and cost-effective set of tools that can be utilized in a variety of contexts in the nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals discovery process.

From specially tailored screening technology packages for drug discovery tools, to in-house expertise on bioinformatics software tools, to product development and commercialization consulting on nutraceuticals and nature-based products, Neopeutics provides a comprehensive range of services for organizations to meet their discovery and development needs.

Neopeutics was awarded a Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation and Leadership Award in 2015 for its unique technological approach to the discovery and development process. The award also recognized Neopeutics’ unique business model geared towards small-scale natural product and nutraceutical programs.

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