Blackfire360 to create an eSports venue in the Lehigh Valley

Blackfire360 collaborates with Hayden films Institute to begin feasibility study

Allentown, PA, 2018-Jan-29 — /EPR Network/ — Blackfire360 LLC, a new locally-based eSports event space provider, has begun plans to open and operate a specialized eSports facility in the Lehigh Valley. eSports, also known as electronic sports, have the potential to become one of the largest competition-based entertainment mediums in history. A dedicated eSports facility will provide residents of the Lehigh Valley with a place to become part of this history. Blackfire360 LLC will create a facility that mirrors the passion, creativity, and energy of that rapidly expanding eSports community.

Beginning early 2018, Blackfire360 will conduct a concept feasibility study (4-6 weeks), to gauge the potential success of such a facility. The following 5-8 month period will be spent conducting more intensive and project-focused reviews. During this time Blackfire360 will actively seek funding sources and sponsorship opportunities necessary to begin full-fledged development efforts. Hayden films Institute (HFI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to the advancement of innovative entrepreneurs, will provide extensive multimedia expertise to assist in this experiment. Results will focus on data analyzing the current local eSport market size, organization and potential growth.

eSports are a form of competition facilitated by electronic devices (most commonly video games) with coordinated efforts of individuals and/or teams focused on defeating others in structured matchups. The resulting competitions attract millions of viewers and dollars each year.

“I am truly honored to announce my intentions not only to the eSports community, but to the residents of the Lehigh Valley as well.” – Raziel Blackfire: founder of Blackfire360 LLC.  Share this news: via twitter.

About Blackfire360 LLC:

Blackfire360 LLC was founded by Raziel Blackfire in 2017. The company aims to build and operate a specialized eSports facility within the Lehigh Valley area building on the popularity and growth of the eSports market combined with the Lehigh Valley’s thriving economic conditions.  Blackfire360 is intent on creating a truly one-of-a-kind experience for eSport players and fans alike. The company aims to begin construction on the facility as early as 2020.

Media Contact

Jessica Novak/Raziel Blackfire

Blackfire360 LLC Public Relations

Phone 1-877-583-7362

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