Health And Wellness Expert Erin Boardman Wathen Launches Innovative New Weight Loss Coach Program

Health and Wellness Expert Erin Boardman Wathen Launches Innovative New Weight Loss Coach Program

Banish food drama once and for all while living your healthiest life through new coaching program

RIVERSIDE, Conn., 2018-Feb-08 — /EPR Network/ — Have you tried all kinds of crazy diets, cleanses, and resolutions, but never seem able to stick with it? There’s an easy-to-follow road map for that.

Renowned health, nutrition, and wellness expert, Erin Boardman Wathen, Holistic Health Coach and Food Addiction Counselor, has launched a Weight Loss Coach Program that helps participants ditch their obsession with foods and diets once for all. The customized roadmap to health is developed with each participant’s health history, lifestyle, desires, and goals in mind so they can banish their food drama forever while living their healthiest lives.

“This new program is for those who have tried it all,” said Wathen. “They’ve lost some weight, then gained it back. Felt better, then felt worse. Bought new small clothes, only to have to move them to the guest bedroom closet when they didn’t fit any longer. My program will be your last diet ever.”

With her Weight Loss Coach Program, Wathen helps participants see why they haven’t been able to stick to a diet before, and why they have gained the weight back. Through the program, participants will work one-on-one with Wathen to tackle why the other diets did not work, and why they will never need to be on another one again.

Participants in Wathen’s Weight Loss Coach Program will enjoy:

• Customized one-on-one coaching sessions
• Clear, practical goals that are achievable
• Motivation and guidance to achieve your goals
• Tangible tools and educational materials
• Strategies for every food situation imaginable
• An understanding expert to hold them accountable

For more information, or to enroll in the program, visit

About Erin Wathen Wellness LLC.

Erin Wathen, is a holistic weight loss coach, one of the first International Food Addiction Counselors, a wellness blogger, and the founder of Erin Wathen Wellness Solutions, LLC. As a health and wellness expert, Wathen is focused on changing how women live, so they can stop dieting and start living comfortably in the body they were meant to have. Through her customized coaching programs and newly released book, Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?, she has helped hundreds of women stop obsessing with gaining or losing, and instead focusing on living.

Learn more at or follow her on Instagram

and Facebook using @erinwathenwellness & Youtube.


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