Pure-Light Technologies® Partners with Home Shopping Marketplace (HSM) for its Cyber Monday Debut

The Pure-Light® LED Bulb is a Miracle that Helps Clean Air by Decomposing Harmful Bacteria and Mold

Pure-Light® LED Bulb is a Miracle that Helps Clean Air by Decomposing Harmful Bacteria and Mold. Helping to Make Homes, Businesses, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Factories, Towns, and Cities Cleaner, Fresher, Happier, and Safer. www.pure-lighttechnologies.com

Pure-Light Technologies® LED Bulb is an Air Purification System in the form of an Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Pollution/anti-Odor, 9.5 watt, full spectrum daylight color, 800 lumens compact LED Light Bulb. This breakthrough technology utilizes a patent-pending, Hyper Active Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) coating. When turned on these light bulbs have been shown to help clean the air by strongly discouraging the growth of 99.9% of deadly viruses and bacteria, mold, Staph/MRSA, flu viruses, E-Coli, Anthrax, Salmonella, Plague, Listeria and many more.  Virtually unbreakable, Pure-Light Technologies® LED Bulb also helps dissolve and breakdown harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, methane, pesticides, aerosol fumes, foul odors and other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).


Rigby, Idaho, USA, 2018-Nov-27 — /EPR Network/ —  Pure-Light Technologies® is proud to announce the Cyber Monday, Home Shopping Marketplace launch of the Pure-Light Technologies® LED Bulb: your household defense against deadly bacteria, mold, chemicals, carbon monoxide, pesticides and foul odors.  A unique proprietary formula of naturally occurring Titanium-dioxide is the foundation upon which the Pure-Light® Super-Oxygen® Technology is based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G09cUh7OsI

Pure-Light Technologies® LED bulb products are manufactured in the USA and can be ordered through Home Shopping Marketplace in a wide range of configurations such as non-dimmable or dimmable bulbs, 3-way bulbs, 48 inch tubes, dimmable 4” canister bulbs, and candelabra dimmable bulbs.  You can upgrade every single light bulb and help improve the air and the mood in your home or office.

For thousands of years, Nature has used a process called Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis where sunlight causes Titanium Dioxide, which is in almost every shovelful of dirt, to produce excited electrons that then almost immediately combine with water molecules to form super oxygen molecules that help clean the air from deadly pathogens and toxic pollutions.  NASA is currently using a version of this technology to purify and clean the air on the International Space Station. Pure-Light Technologies®, has improved the technology to make it last longer and has adapted it to specially prepared LED light bulbs for indoor or outdoor use.


As long as the light is on, when air interacts within approximately 8 to 12 feet of the Pure-Light Technologies® patent-pending coated light bulbs, it helps to cleanse the air of bacteria, viruses, mold, pollutants and organic odors.  The interaction also causes a secondary anti-bacterial effect on surfaces close enough to the Pure-Light® LED bulb, such as countertops, dishes, stoves, walls, floors and door knobs.

Unlike dangerous mercury in CFL light bulbs, and harmful radiation emitted by ultraviolet (UVA/UVC) light bulbs, Pure-Light Technologies® LED bulbs contain no toxic substances and do not emit any harmful light spectrums.  Instead, compared to others, Pure-Light Technologies® LED bulbs lower utility costs by consuming 50% – 70% less energy compared to most conventional bulbs, last 10-20 times longer than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, reduces fire hazards by producing less heat, is safe for animals and been proven in tests to be beneficial for plants.

No home or office should be without this cost effective, green environmental technology.  With Home Shopping Marketplace’s reach into homes of countless families around the world, on Cyber Monday, 23 million homes will have the opportunity to purchase Pure-Light Technologies® LED bulbs and change the way everyone on earth lives, works and plays…for the better.

CEO, Roger Young, considers it an honor to share this technology that literally benefits the entire planet.  His company’s vision is to create a world which is cleaner, fresher, happier and much safer with Pure-Light® Super-Oxygen® Technology LED light bulbs.


For more information, visit www.pure-light.com or join the conversation @PureLightTechnologies on Facebook.


About Pure-Light Technologies®

PURE-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. is located in Rigby, Idaho and was formed in 2014. The scientists behind Pure-Light have been working for over 17 years to develop an enhanced TITANIUM DIOXIDE (TiO2) formulation and a process to seal this thin, transparent coating onto a Full Spectrum LED light bulb (and other vertical and horizontal surfaces) which generates a PHOTOCATALYTIC ACTION in low light.  For more consumer information, please visit [pure-light.com]. For commercial information, please visit [pure-lightcommercial.com].


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