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NAIROBI, Kenya, 2019-Aug-21 — /EPR Network/ — Coming from Nairobi the first glimpse of the spectacular Rift Valley are breathtaking. The escarpment on which the city rests crashes where to the floor of a volcano-studded valley hundreds of meters below, across which savannah grasslands reach out beyond the horizons. If the view could speak it would surely say, ‘Welcome to Africa’, and what a welcome the Rift Valley provides.

This battle of geological forces has left Kenya’s Rift Valley looking as if it were created by giants. There is a ribbon of streaming and bubbling soda lakes that scars the valley like the footprints of a massive hippopotamus, and numerous dried-out volcano cones standing to attention like amplified termite mounds.

In places, giants continue to roam; towering giraffes peer the heads of a million pink flamingos and rhinos look like something from the age of the dinosaurs in Lake Nakuru National Park. Not far away you can cycle right up to the gates of Hell, where legend has it that a masai woman was tuned to stone and buffaloes get hot under the collar. Not far away is the Lake Naivasha with its crescent Island Perfect for bird watchers.

Simple words to learn:
Jambo – Hallo
Habari Yako – How are you?
(Sasa? – Hi? Reply: Poa – am fine ) slang language on sheng
Asante – Thank You
Asante Sana – Thank you very much
Naomba funguo ya chumba XXXXX – May I have the key to room xxxxx
Naomba maji ya kunyua? – May I have some water to drink ?
Ni nataka taxi ya kwenda xxxx – I want a taxi to go to xxxxx
Hii ni pesa ngapi? – How much is this?

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  9. Elephant orphanage only
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Safaris From Nairobi 

  1. Top Choice to Africa Safari for 5 days by air only
  2. Samburu and Masai Mara for 5 days by air only
  3. Masai Mara to eagle view Private Camp for 3 days by air only
  4. Mara Serena Safari 3 days by air only
  5. Governors Camp 2 Days Safari by air
  6. Amboseli Park 2 Days Safari by road
  7. Amboseli Park 3 Days Safari by road
  8. 4 Days Safari to Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara by road
  9. 6 Days Safari to Amboseli , Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara by road
  10. 9 Days Safari from Nairobi to Mombasa or vice versa by road
  11. 9 Days Mount Kenya and Masai Mara by air and road
  12. 3 days luxury travel Package Mara Intrepids by air
  13. 9 Days Safari Twiga by road and air

Besides providing fertile soil, the volcanic deposits have created alkaline waters in most Rift Valley Lakes. These shallow soda lakes, formed by the valley’s lack of decent drainage, experience high evaporation rates, which further concentrates the alkalinity. The strangely waters are , however, the prefect environment for the growth of microscopic blue-green algae, which in turn feed lesser flamingos, tiny crustaceans (food for greater flamingos) and insects larvae (food for soda-resistant fish).

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