The increase in demand for mobile app development companies during and post Covid-19 outbreak.

Mobile apps had already transformed the businesses across multiple industries. But after the Covid-19 outbreak, the usage of mobile apps for all essential services has raised the demand for mobile app development companies to develop efficient apps.

Bangalore, India, 2020-Sep-16 — /EPR Network/ — The outbreak of Corona-virus has squeezed not only the lives of people all over the globe but also heavily on the businesses and economy of all affected countries. Covid-19 has triggered a devastating effect on all types of businesses regardless of being start-ups or an enterprise. Even though people are adjusting to the new norms and lock-downs have been lifted, there will be many changes in business operations. While the majority of businesses were impacted heavily during lock-down times, mobile apps have witnessed a heavy surge in usage and saviours for people. Mobile apps have helped people in getting access to essential services and needs while their movement was restricted. Multiple businesses have been partnering with reliable mobile app development companies for getting themselves an efficient mobile app.

Usage of mobile apps during the pandemic:

During this pandemic, certain mobile apps have made our lives much easier under house arrest. On-demand apps, grocery apps, entertainment apps, and digital payment apps have skyrocketed during the crisis as people are not allowed to go out of their houses. Companies and businesses that have resorted to digital platforms at the right time have started reaping its benefits. This pandemic is an eye-opener for businesses that considered mobile apps to be optional.

Mobile apps that saw upsurge during the Corona-virus outbreak:

On-Demand Grocery and food Apps: These apps saw a huge surge in their downloads and usage as people were unable to step out of their homes for essentials. They were dependent mostly on on-demand grocery and food apps for their daily needs. Even though people were using these apps before the Covid-19 outbreak, they saw a huge increase in downloads during this period. It was owing to the only available to buy essentials and food during the times of restricted movements and the fear of virus contraction. These apps provided superior service and due to their user-friendly nature, they have become much closer to people. Hence, post-pandemic, as the people adjust to new norms, it will be a key player in the market. A reliable mobile App Development Company can aid you in building an on-Demand Grocery or food app for your business.

Healthcare App:

The Healthcare sector is playing the most crucial part in saving the lives of people during the outbreak. Healthcare apps were key contributors to significantly safeguarding healthcare workers and doctors from coming in contact with the virus. It was one of the largely used apps during the outbreak and even after the lifting of lockdowns. Healthcare apps have allowed them to speak to doctors and take their suggestions and prescriptions online from sitting at their homes. One can just book an appointment, get suggestions and medicines will be delivered directly to the homes. This has been useful for screening patients for Covid-19 symptoms and also for non-COVID patients to get consultations without fear. Many MedTech companies have joined hands with healthcare firms to use these healthcare apps in the times of pandemic. Different types of healthcare apps, fitness apps, medical apps have been helpful for patients to take care of their physical and mental health.

E-learning app:

Children were the ones highly susceptible to the virus, all schools, colleges, and educational institutions were closed for uncertain periods. Students were affected largely as their education was interrupted for an indefinite time. When all doors were closed, the only way to continue education was e-learning and education apps. All schools and educational institutes are leveraging these apps and reaching their students online. Governments have also collaborated with may internet service providers across many areas to assist students. Teachers can speak to students, teach them, give assignments via video streaming. Some schools have also got their apps by associating with app developers.

Remote-work Apps:

Even though remote work culture was rarely used in some of the sectors, it has become a new essential norm, especially in the IT industry. Many apps helping this factor like video conferencing, group meetings, chats, etc are aiding IT firms to continue the work without disruptions. Remote-work apps have made the lives of these people hassle-free and allowed even higher leadership teams to constantly be in touch with their employees. It could be a new work culture even after the pandemic for some companies to save on finances and increase efficiency.

Digital Payment apps:

Many parts of the globe had already gone digital mode for the majority of payments. But the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a huge growth in usage of these apps as cash transactions and normal banking services were not available. As a result, people used these apps to complete payments in using apps like grocery, food, medicine, gaming purchases, healthcare app usage, etc. This looks to be a new norm for people for a prolonged period after the pandemic.

Gaming apps:

Gaming apps were more prevalent among the younger generation during the pre COVID period. But as people were confined to their homes, the usage of gaming apps has been increased significantly and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. People are trying and experimenting with new types of games every day. They are not just entertaining people, but also keeping them stress-free at their homes.

Social Media and Entertainment apps:

Social media and Entertainment apps have been a crucial part of people with smartphones after easier internet availability at many places across the globe. Social media apps show diverse types of information and it has been a source for people to see updates across the globe for many people. Updates from governments related to Covid-19 has been reaching people easily with social media apps. Entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc have kept people entertained and continue to be on top of popularity for longer.

Bottom line:

Mobile apps not only aids business owners to extend their digital journey but also offers closer experience with their customers. If you want to transform your business idea into a splendid mobile app, associate with an experienced and reliable mobile app development company to lift your business growth and withstand any global crises. Brillmindz has announced its focus on developing specific apps for multiple industries.

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