Health Insurance Company Offering Free Short Term Plan Assistance During Unemployment Crisis

Ez.Insure Responds to the Covid-19 Crisis

Newtown Square, PA, 2020-Dec-08 — /EPR Network/ — Ez.Insure, a health insurance agency, has already shown their “customer-first” attitude. They partner with customers to provide an easy connection to one single insurance agent, eliminating industry-standard cold calls and the accompanying headaches. Ez.Insure has once again demonstrated the care and compassion they have for their clients by offering assistance in finding interim health insurance plans for anyone who has become unemployed during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the job security of 22 million Americans; the Census Survey shows that 47% of households lost employment income, meaning families no longer have the health insurance they need. While people who are suddenly unemployed are managing unemployment applications and financial planning, they must also now find health insurance coverage. Ez.Insure understands the fear, uncertainty, and frustration that comes with these unexpected changes, and they have stepped up to support people in these unprecedented times. Clelland Green, Ez.Insure owner, notes that “the impact of the coronavirus on families across the country has been devastating, with over 20 million Americans presently unemployed. It’s great that Congress provided higher benefits for those at the lower end of the earnings spectrum and that’s helping a lot of families pay their rent, put food on the table and keep things together.” Clelland adds, “regardless, most of those people lost their health insurance when they lost their job and with COBRA rates easily reaching $2,000 a month for a family many people are going without coverage. We’re hoping to help a lot of hard working Americans find the coverage they need at a much more affordable price.” By simply filling out a form at Ez.Insure, customers will instantly receive quotes for short-term insurance plans in their area, and a personal introduction to a local agent to support them in this process, for free. 

Ez.Insure prides themselves on their customer security and satisfaction. They keep customer information secure, because the last thing people need to worry about is another loss. Ez.Insure offers a seamless transition, supporting customers every step of the way: from inquiry, to introduction to their one-on-one agent. Customers receive quotes instantly, and have one – and only one – agent to support them in making an informed decision that is best for their needs and wallet. Agents will help customers compare plans, negotiate with insurance companies, offer assistance throughout the enrollment process, and will continue to be a support system throughout any health care or insurance issues that may arise. 

Ez.Insure has agents available around the clock to support people through this transition. They make finding a short term plan is as easy as filling out a quick form so anyone can get started right away. 

 About EZ: EZ.Insure is based in Newtown Square, PA and was founded in 2004. EZ offers a wide variety of health insurance plans that meets the needs of individuals, families, and businesses. It continues to successfully grow around the country, and with the help of their dedicated and diligent employees, we can expect to hear a lot more about EZ.Insure. 

To learn more about Ez.Insure, call 855 610 7780 or visit

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