Alpha Foods Enlists Students in NASA Deep Space Challenge

Team Alpha will take on the NASA Challenge to develop innovative, space-bound food solutions

Glendale, CA, 2021-Apr-07 — /EPR Network/ — Alpha Foods, the leading plant-based food brand known for making alternative proteins, is answering NASA’s call to develop innovative food and technology solutions for extreme environments by launching the Team Alpha NASA Challenge. Alpha Foods is seeking four student teams from colleges and universities across the U.S. to collaborate on and submit their creative ideas for The NASA Deep Space Food Challenge. The Challenge calls on students with out-of-this-world ideas to help develop food production technologies that will potentially aid astronauts on future multi-year trips to Mars and beyond.

Alpha sponsored teams will receive $500 towards materials and expenses, Alpha swag and Alpha Food survival kits including free food to fuel those late-night brainstorms. One of the four teams will be selected as the winner to receive a cash prize of $2,500 divided equally amongst team participants, and all participants have the opportunity to submit their ideas to NASA for a chance at the Grand Prize of $500k that will go directly to the winning students.

The NASA Deep Space Food Challenge will identify food production technologies that can:

  • Help fill food gaps for a three-year round-trip mission with no resupply
  • Feed a crew of four astronauts
  • Improve the accessibility of food on Earth, in particular, via production directly in urban centers and in remote and harsh environments
  • Achieve the greatest amount of food output with minimal inputs and minimal waste
  • Create a variety of palatable, nutritious, and safe foods that require little processing time for crew members

This Challenge seeks to incentivize teams to develop novel technologies and/or systems for food production that need not meet the full nutritional requirements of future crews but can contribute significantly to and be integrated into a comprehensive food system.

If interested, students can apply at and complete the web form by April 15th, 2021. The four teams will be selected by April 28th, 2021 and notified directly.


About Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods provides unrivaled plant-based convenience through a delicious product roster that provides accessible, meatless and mouth-watering options for all types of consumers. Fueled by the power of plants and founded in 2015, Alpha is based in California and provides sustainable food choices that support animal welfare and a healthier planet. Alpha offers a wide variety of protein-packed, non-GMO, plant-based versions of classic comfort foods that deliver a delicious meatless meal perfect for an on-the-go lunch, dinner or anytime snack—without sacrificing on taste or texture. For more information about Alpha Foods, visit or catch up with the brand on social media: @alphafoods.


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