Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Market Size and Leading Players Analysis Report 2025

Industry Insights

Felton, California , USA, Apr 9, 2021 — /EPR Network/ — Global market of chemical indicator inks is primarily been driven by vigorous demand in surgical instrument markets for sterilization processes. It is anticipated to be valued at USD 83.8 million by the end of 2024. The demand has been increased due to growing medical and healthcare industries. The market estimates to grow at CAGR over 8% over the forecasted period.


The market predominantly covers through water based chemical indicator inks which is more than 60%. Rising R&D expenditure by the companies of this market will fuel the market to grow in forecasted period.


The demand in the market has been increased due to occurrence of diseases in hospitals which have further led to sterilization of medical products such as medical pouches, surgical bags, IV and blood bottles & containers.


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Application Insights

Tapes have the largest market share in terms of revenue following up with pouches, tags& labels, sterile bags. Expansion of healthcare industry has brought tremendous rise in this market. IV & blood containers are utilized in large quantity mainly by hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory facilitators; rise of these will ignite the growth of the market.


Ethylene oxide sterilization is mainly used for medical and pharmaceutical products. Rotogravure printing comprises of chemical based indicator inks that are mostly suitable for printing. Also, market share for this segment is moderate because of its cost.


Regional Insights

North America has the highest market share in terms of revenue, in 2015, it was more than USD 15 million. Also, aging population in the region is the main reason for rising demand for healthcare facilities, increasing the market size for chemical indicator inks. APAC indicates rapid growth over healthcare industries which will fuel the product market at a CAGR of 8%.


Latin America currently shows minor share. Emerging markets of Brazil & Mexico have given a hint of their potential by showing rapid growth in healthcare industries.


Competitive Insights

The global product market is competitive with some major players in the industry which manufacturers chemical. 3M, NiGK Corporation, Tempil, Riken Chemical, STERIS, Terragene SA, North American Science Associates Inc. (NAMSA), GKE Gmbh and Crosstex are some the prominent industry share contributors. Many mergers & acquisition and new product development within the market are the major trends in the company.


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