Real Hit: EMPHASER Car Audio Installed in AUDI A5

The German magazine Car & HiFi (03/21) has awarded the 'outstanding price/performance' accolade for the AUDI A5 installed total solution of Monolith speakers, amplifiers and subwoofer from ACR Osnabrueck.

BAD ZURZACH, Switzerland, 2021-Apr-20 — /EPR Network/ — Installing car audio systems in customer vehicles is everyday business for the professionals from ACR Osnabrueck. But what would an installation specialist install in his own car when spoiled for choice? Maik Neumann, an employee at ACR Osnabrueck and owner of an AUDI A5 build year 2017, decided on a total solution consisting of two EMPHASER ( Monolith component speaker systems, two amplifiers and a subwoofer. The completed installation is presented by the German trade magazine Car & HiFi in issue 03/2021.

“The system should be one that makes you say “Oh!” when you sit in the car, but does not cause you to fall out again upon hearing the price”, is how the tech journalists describe the objective of the retrofit. An optimal system at a reasonable budget is the guiding principle, implemented with transparent installation costs and the experience of an installation professional with many years of experience.

“We are looking at rather few components”, explains Car & HiFi, “but at the right quality.” In the AUDI A5 modern amplifier technology is being used with two EMPHASER 4-channel amps EA-M4X: “Naturally, both use modern Class D working and deliver more than enough power”, say the experienced testers. “In the case of the M4X there is an uncompromising 230 watts per channel, more than enough for a component speaker system.”

The component systems for front and rear are identical: two 16-cm sets ECP-M6 that, exactly like the EA-M4X amplifiers, have already been awarded the “Best Product” accolade by Car & HiFi. Of particular note are the separate crossovers for each individual speaker that enable bi-amping operation. “Each chassis is provided with its own crossover”, explain the tech journalists, “which offers the advantage of being able to influence the sound by individual settings to the passive crossover and power amp.” The advantage of this connection principle has been used for the front system by the ACR specialist Maik Naumann.

In addition there is the new subwoofer from EMPHASER’s Monolith series, the EBR-M8DX, a “finely made cased subwoofer, and although it is ‘only’ configured with an eight-inch chassis, it nevertheless packs an awesome punch.”
“The AUDI system is basically fairly straightforward to install”, say the testers. The front and rear systems both use the original mounting positions. Installing the tweeters in the A-pillars was dismissed in favor of an inconspicuous look. “However, a straightforward installation has long ceased to mean casual; even in the case of component speakers with a transparent price tag it pays to carry out a careful installation.”

Beside multi-layered door sound proofing, particular importance has been attached to a visually appealing installation of components in the trunk. “Here is space for the electronics under the cover of the false floor. For a good appearance the crossover housings and the power amps are mounted with their top edges at the same height. This puts the trunk floor on a perfect level with the tailor made panel.”

And the AUDI A5 system impressed the testers not just because of its visual appeal: “During the listening test it emerged that this system can be fun with any style of music. If necessary the door speakers can hammer out thumping bass (…). It sounds extremely exhilarating and with super punchy detail.”

The performance of the EBR-M8DX subwoofer can be particularly impressive: “The new downfire sub is a real hit. What rather surprised us though is the enormous low end extension with which the bass driver at just 20 centimeters spoils the listener. In the AUDI the sub delivers a clean level down into the low bass, which is a real pleasure.”

“With a clean, straightforward installation ACR Osnabrueck shows that it can also conjure up a good in-car system without going crazy with the expense. This can be fun and is recommended as an example to follow!” says Car & HiFi in conclusion about the Monolith installation, awarding it the ‘outstanding price/performance’ accolade.

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