Agriculture Equipment Market Vendor Landscape & Raw Material Outlook, 2025

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The global Agriculture Equipment Market research report provides complete insights on industry scope, trends, regional estimates, key application, competitive landscape and financial performance of prominent players. It also offers ready data-driven answers to several industry-level questions. This study enables numerous opportunities for the market players to invest in research and development.

Market Overview:

Global Agriculture Equipment Market is expected to reach USD 243.4 billion by 2025. A mechanical machine designed for advanced farming purpose is known as an agriculture equipment. The agriculture equipment is useful for irrigation, planting, harvesting and so on. There are a wide range of equipment available right from hand tools and power tools to tractors.

Key Players:

  • AGCO Corporation
  • Agrocenter Ltd.
  • Agromaster
  • Amazone Ltd.
  • APV – Technische Produkte GmbH
  • Bellota
  • CLAAS KGaA mbH
  • CNH Industrial N.V.
  • Escorts Group
  • Horsch Maschinen GmbH
  • ISEKI & Co., Ltd.

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Growth Drivers:

Agriculture equipment has several advantages such as enhanced uniformity and quality of the process, accuracy, substitute for labor, operation requires less time as compared to the conventional methods, and so on. The Agriculture Equipment Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR exceeding 7% over the forecast period as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe.

Increasing population at faster pace, rising demand from developing countries like those that India and China with high population base, and developing enhanced agricultural equipment’s are documented as major factors of agriculture equipment industry that are estimated to enhance the growth in the years to come. However, high cost of machinery and financial problems to replace the old machinery are the factors that may restrain overall market growth in the coming years.

Product Outlook:

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Planting Equipment:
    • Row crop planters
    • Air seeders
    • Grain drills
  • Irrigation & crop processing equipment
  • Spraying equipment
  • Hay & forage equipment

Application Outlook:

  • Land development & seed bed preparation
  • Sowing & planting
  • Weed cultivation
  • Plant protection
  • Harvesting & threshing
  • Post-harvest & agro processing

Regional Outlook:

Globally, Asia Pacific accounted for the substantial market share of Agriculture Equipment and is estimated to lead the overall market in the coming years. The reason behind the overall market growth could be high demand for food in India and China due to rising population, falling crop values, and rising use of enhanced technology.

India with its favorable rich natural resource base and agro-climatic surroundings has converted to the world’s biggest manufacturer across a variety of goods. Instead, Europe and North America are also estimated to have a positive influence on the future growth. Europe is the second largest region with significant market share.

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