LPAR2RRD 7.10 adds support for Cloud technologies and XorMon

Babice, Czech Republic, 2021-May-06 — /EPR Network/ — Xorux s.r.o. announces the release of LPAR2RRD 7.10 – a leading server and database performance monitoring solution. The main improvements are support for Cloud technologies and XorMon support.

Newly supported technologies:

* Kubernetes
* Red Hat OpenShift
* XorMon support


* Oracle DB: DataGuard support
* Oracle DB: RAC mutitenant support
* Oracle DB: implemented option to add more DBs via a CSV script
* Microsoft Azure: automatic discovery of resource groups
* IBM Power Systems HMC REST API: fixed several minor bugs and a few minor enhancements
* VMware: cluster CPU total graphs in %
* VMware: vCentr data load optimization huge environments


* When XorMon is initiated then LPAR2RRD admin password might be under some conditions reset automatically to “admin” and other LPAR2RRD users password can be deleted

LPAR2RRD 7.10 Enterprise edition including all benefits was released on March 30, 2021 for customers with an active support.

You may not know all the benefits of our support:

* Support with next business day response
* Reporter feature: unlimited number of reports with automation options
* Ad hoc historical reporting including XLS/PDF/CSV output
* CPU Workload Estimator based on rPerf or CPW benchmark
* Live Partition Mobility and LPAR migration support generally
* Proxy Agent feature
* Unlimited number of items in one Custom Group
* Unlimited number of Oracle RAC instances
* Unlimited number of alerts

Check out our LPAR2RRD demo and XorMon demo site for new features:


Download LPAR2RRD for free at www.lpar2rrd.com

About XorMon
XorMon is an unified application UI above of LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD. It provides complete performance and mapping overview from the OS (VM) level across virtualization layers, SAN and storage.

XORUX is a server and storage performance monitoring tools developing company. Our vision is to bring to market simple but powerful products which simplify administration. We do not intend to compete with big complex tools that aim to do “everything”. These can still be used as second-level admin tools to find required details. Our products should act as first-level tools that administrators can use to look for specific information or quickly identify problems. Visit www.xorux.com to find more.

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