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Delhi, India, 2021-May-17 — /EPR Network/ — Ubuy India, a popular global cross-border shopping platform is offering oxygen concentrators at reasonable prices, on their app and website.

The whole world is fighting the COVID19 pandemic and the local healthcare systems are finding it very difficult to tide through these challenging times. Several patients require oxygen and people are facing shortages even in hospitals.

The second pandemic wave has rapidly increased the need for medical grade oxygen and hence oxygen concentrators are now in demand especially in countries like India. These machines are small and portable and hence have the potential to provide people with easy access to oxygen in most places including homes.

It is essential to understand that the oxygen concentrators can only be used under medical supervision. This cannot be considered as a treatment for COVID19. An oxygen concentrator or a generator is a device that has been recommended by doctors to provide oxygen to the lungs of the patient; in case of breathing difficulty due to lack of oxygen.

About Oxygen Concentrator

This is a special type of medical device that is used for delivering oxygen to individuals with breathing-related problems. People who have low oxygen concentration in their blood may often require this machine to fulfil the oxygen requirement by the body. These machines filter the surrounding air and compress it to the required density in order to deliver purified medical grade oxygen into a pulse-dose delivery system or a continuous stream system to the patient. This device functions with the atmospheric air and electricity.

The oxygen generator is also equipped with some special filters and sieves to remove nitrogen from the air and ensure delivery of purified oxygen to the patients. The electronic user interface helps to adjust the levels of oxygen concentration through delivery settings. The oxygen can be inhaled through the nasal cannula or special mask. This machine can produce up to 95% of pure oxygen for the patient.

Where to Buy the Best Oxygen Concentrators Online?

Ubuy India offers a huge collection of branded oxygen concentrators that are reasonably priced and can be easily ordered online. It will be delivered to the address mentioned while ordering the product.

Some Important Facts to Know for COVID-19 Emergencies

  • The oxygen concentrators should be used only if oxygen concentration levels are below 94% (SpO2)
  • Avoid self-treatment without medical supervision. Even remote medical supervision is essential when the patient is at home.
  • All the doors and windows need to be kept open since this machine draws oxygen from the surrounding air.
  • Continuous monitoring of the SpO2 levels of the patient is important for the successful management of oxygen supply.
  • Seek immediate medical attention if saturation levels drop or any other issue arises.
  • It is better to seek authentic medical advice before doing any treatment.

About Ubuy

Ubuy is a popular global Ecommerce company that had launched its operations in 2014. It is headquartered in Kuwait, the middle east. This company provides an efficient online shopping service to people in more than 10,000 plus cities in 6 continents covering 90 countries. All customers have the option to choose from more than 50 plus million products that are manufactured by multiple top global brands.

Customers can access the website “” to benefit from online shopping deals and offers, or download the Ubuy shopping app, to explore the magical world of global brands and world-class products.

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