Redefining the Motherhood Experience with Mumli App

Mumli App

Sydney, Australia, 2021-Jun-25 — /EPR Network/ — Switching from being childless to being a mother is a huge and confusing change for many women. When you’re not tending to your baby, feeding, changing diapers and cleaning behind your child, you’re probably searching the Internet for content that will make your baby and house chores easier and faster. 

The Internet offers a lot of information, so you’ll end up with heaps of randomly saved posts, screenshots, saved message threads and other baby-related things. How can anyone find anything useful in this mess? Well, this is where Mumli comes in! This app is created with a purpose to untangle the mess that is your information board and provide moms and future moms with organized access to useful tips. You can access your app whenever you need it, share content with your mom friends and keep everything in one friendly place! 

How does it work?

If you’re a busy mom, you’re probably looking for something that’s easy to access and handle. Well, the practical Mumli app will untangle the mess of saved content in a way that’s accessible and easy to share with other mothers. By creating your personal profile, you will get to share your motherhood adventures and mishaps with other moms you’re connected with. Your feed page will allow you to see updates from other posters and give you curated content that’s relevant, informative and relatable. 

You can create posts or add them to your personal collection. Asking questions and sharing updates with your connections is super fun, but sometimes you just want to unlead your brain and vent—it’s all possible with Mumli. You’ll get an answer to a river of motherhood questions you probably have and learn about everything from pregnancy issues, post-partum things, baby food and temper tantrums. While grabbing books and consulting with experts is crucial for motherhood, sometimes all you need is a tip from a fellow mom that’s been through the same thing just yesterday—Mumli is fast, practical and relevant. 

When you make connections and stumble upon a bunch of useful things, you can organize articles and information into collections and have an accessible helper in your pocket. Collections can be shared with other moms as well! 

Mumli App

Who is behind it?

Mumli is an app created by mothers, more closely, a team of everyday women with kids who know that there is a lot of information out there that can serve babies, but not that much info for moms? The Mumli team used all of their spare time (the pandemic was good for something after all) and made a very useful app aimed towards moms. They dreamed of a space where moms can connect and share mom tips, so they created one themselves. Mothers are not meant to go through motherhood alone, and now, they don’t have to! 

What’s special about Mumli?

Mumli is created by mothers for mothers as a way to share experiences and knowledge, so it’s full of actually useful articles, tips, recommendations and other things. One thing that this app allows you to do that’s unique is recoding special moments as they happen. You can then save these precious memories to albums so you can cherish them later. Also, Mumli has a collection of amazing articles concerning pregnancy, birth, raising kids and everything in between, so it can be your one-stop shop when it comes to parenting. 

As the creators of Mumli say: “Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, so we’re giving you the tools to write your own.” These women are providing the world with an app that’s going to make every mom’s life better, so sign up to get early access to Mumli that’s coming in 2021. 

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