Hemorrhoids vs Cancer: Know The Differences

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2021-Aug-03 — /EPR Network/ — Most of the times, self-diagnosing a condition can send you into panic mode and impair your judgement. This is the reason why experts always recommend time and time again not to reach a conclusion about your health without seeing a specialist. Visiting your doctor and express your worries can not only get you the right diagnosis and treatment, but also give you reassurance.

One of the most common dangerous self-diagnosis is hemorrhoids. As haemorrhoids and colorectal cancer have some overlapping symptoms, such as blood in stool and/or bleeding from the rectum, most people tend to confuse one condition with the other. To understand the difference between hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer, it is important to schedule an urgent appointment with an expert proctologist.

“Although symptoms slightly overlap between hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer, both conditions are completely different. Hemorrhoids are a benign disease and consist of swollen veins inside the rectum and anus that can cause pain, bleeding and that can come out of the anus. This condition is rarely life-threatening (rare massive acute haemorrhage) and is easily treatable. Rarely, continuous bleeding may lead to anemia. On the other hand, colorectal cancer is a malignant disease caused by uncontrolled cell growth that can spread to other organs, and it is invariably fatal if not treated. Other complications of colorectal cancer include bowel blockage, bleeding and perforation.”, says world-renowned proctologist and speaker Dr. Antonio Privitera, MD, Ph.D. of NMC Royal Hospital, Dubai.

Studies show that people are at a higher risk of developing hemorrhoids if they have a history of constipation, straining during bowel movements, are pregnant, or even have a history of hemorrhoids. The condition can also cause itching, burning sensation in the anus that becomes worse after having a bowel movement. Most often, these symptoms come and go. Symptoms usually get better after resolving constipation with a high-fibre diet and laxatives when needed, Topical creams and medication that improve local circulation may be of help.

Colorectal cancer presents more severe symptoms such as abdominal pain, anemia and presence of a mass. If you have malignant cells in your body, you are likely to experience unexplained weight, nausea, vomiting and weakness.

“Early diagnosis and intervention are essential to cure cancer effectively. Detecting cancer at early stages greatly increases the patient’s chances of survival. For colorectal cancer, 5-year survival up to 90% can be achieved in early detection and treatment.” added Dr. Antonio Privitera.

If you suffer from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, the best thing to do is to visit your physician at the earliest. Getting the right diagnosis at the right time,  whether it is hemorrhoids or cancer, will help you to get the treatment faster, bringing you relief and a greater chance of recovery. If you wish to have a comprehensive check-up, call +971 55 318 8469 for a consultation with Dr. Antonio Privitera today.

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