Fat Sound – Testing the AXTON Bandpass Subwoofer ATB220

The German magazine Car & HiFi (issue 05/21) has awarded the AXTON dual bandpass subwoofer ATB220 the 'Best Product' accolade.

BAD ZURZACH, Switzerland, 2021-Sep-14 — /EPR Network/ — In searching for a bandpass subwoofer combining power, level and superb sound, the German Car & HiFi magazine (05/21) has thoroughly tested the AXTON (https://www.axton.de/) dual bandpass ATB220 which left them impressed: “AXTON have achieved a perfect balance that makes the ATB220 a fun-oriented play partner with a fat sound”, is the verdict of the tech journalists, awarding the AXTON bass box the ‘Best Product’ accolade.

The essential thing about any bandpass subwoofer is the construction of the enclosure – the dimensions of the chambers and, in particular, of the port. Since the entire bass output passes via the port, the latter needs to be of a certain size, but should avoid producing port flow noise. This is a tricky design task for which AXTON has found an optimal solution, in the opinion of the testers: “AXTON has given the ATB220 a port whose cross-section continuously expands along its length toward the openings. As with a trumpet opening, the sound is emitted evenly without a tear-off edge, thus avoiding turbulences.”

That the ATB220 with dimensions of 29.5 x 66.5 x 35.5 cm has turned out so amazingly compact underscores the expertise of the AXTON team. The same goes for the systematic woofer configuration: “The woofers are very robust fellows, no high-tech magic weapons, but equipped with everything that a good subwoofer needs”, explain the experienced tech journalists. “The drivers work with 50 mm voice coils having a decent linear stroke of 5.5 millimeters in each direction.”

The main task when designing a bandpass subwoofer is the tuning – the interaction of bass driver and cabinet. For Car & HiFi, it is precisely in this respect that the experience of the AXTON engineers is so evident: “You can confidently describe the tuning of the AXTON as optimal”, is the verdict of the well-respected tech journalists. “It is so well balanced that it can cover the region from 35 to over 100 Hz, while always still working very efficiently. That also works superbly in practice where the ATB220 well and truly blasts the ears of the vehicle occupants.”
But how does the 300 watts ATB220 in the Car & HiFi test and sound lab? “The achievable levels are probably a new record for 20 cm woofers”, explain the testers. “The ATB220 can easily keep pace with fat 30 cm speakers.”
The AXTON not only impresses with its power and level, but also does away with the preconception that bandpass subwoofers sound muddy: “What’s so nice is that sound quality has not been ignored. Bass drums sound clean and with the necessary pressure. The ATB220 is not even fazed by electronic bass beats, which always sound exciting, the woofer never running out of breath.”

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