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UBI Avenue, Singapore, 2022-Jan-10 — /EPR Network/ — Social Media Management Agency in Singapore. Existus offer affordable SMM services, influencer marketing, and social advertising that help you reach your target audience and engage with them.

Social media – One of the top lead generation sources for companies of all sizes
In fact, many surveys have pointed out that social media is now one of the top lead generation sources for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Increase the number of eyeballs to your best content.
The 1st benefit of social media marketing is it will help increase the number of eyeballs to your best content. Your company likely has a solid content marketing team or analysts churning out research for the market on a daily basis.

Social media allows you to distribute your message to your targeted audience who are tuned in to receive your messages.

Evergreen and time sensitive content generation

Your content team should be focused on generating evergreen written content, while your analysts are focused on the daily market commentary.

This content strategy provides a perfect combination for social media as you will be showcasing your interesting trading articles, which will receive the highest click-throughs from social media.

The daily market commentary will have an excellent chance of being picked up by the critical journalists in the industry. This will help bolster your media campaign too. The top finance writers are very active on social media.

2. Increase the size of your retargeting lists
The 2nd benefit runs off the first, and this is the ability to increase your retargeting lists.

Retargeting lists are the ideal way to show targeted ads to those people who have already visited your website.

So the flow goes like this.

Potential or existing clients hit your website.
You have a cookie on your site that identifies them as a visitor to your site.
You can then display your ads to them as they navigate around the web, searching other sites that show retargeting ads.
Google and Facebook are the two biggest ad platforms that allow you to set up retargeting pixels to track your site visitors.
By creating great content, then pushing your message out via social media, you get a high number of people coming back to your site. This will help increase your retargeting lists for further targeted advertising.

Increasing your retargeting lists is one of the top reasons why content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to turn visitors into prospects.

You can also use it to build your email list and make more sales at a lower cost per acquisition.

Reducing your cost per lead and cost per acquisition costs
In the case of CFD or Forex companies, retargeting is one of the best ways to reduce your CPL or CPA.

Social media is one of the best distribution tools for your best content.

Your social media team should be creating a suite of useful posts that can be used across your top social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to name a few.

Always keep in mind the objective of your campaigns.

You may not make the sale right then and there, but by actively pursuing the promotion of your content to increase your retargeting lists, you will find more sales come along the way.

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