NFC Tagify Has Recently launched Its Brand New Range of Custom Engraved NFC Business Cards

London, UK, 2022-Mar-31 — /EPR Network/ — NFC Tagify is a leading multinational company in the UK, offers contactless NFC business cards for an end-to-end contactless experience. Recently NFC Tagify has launched its brand new range of custom engraved NFC business cards. This consists of both one-sided and double-sided cards.

As the name suggests, at NFC “Tag-ify” they sell NFC products. They provide Near Field Communication solutions for businesses, including NFC tags, NFC chips, NFC stickers & business cards across the UK. Rest assured, all of their NFC products are manufactured to comply with NFC Forum specifications.

The NFC Tagify provides contactless communication based on a radio frequency field. This technology is designed to ensure data exchange upon two devices having contact with each other with a touch.

Instantly connect and make a big impression with their custom engraved NFC cards. They include both front and back sides, one color, surface etching, and any cut-through areas.

Still, thinking about how advantageous the custom engraved NFC cards are? Then here are some of its benefits:

  • It allows the NFC phone to become an event ticket.
  • With this, you can get all the needed information whenever it gets in contact.
  • It enables the payment of goods with just a tap of the NFC phone.
  • It allows printing from the camera whenever placed close to the printer.
  • Can set up a wireless home office with just a touch.
  • It enables the sharing of a business card using a touch.

There is no minimum order quantity; you can either design your card online using their interactive designer tool or just upload your artwork if you already have one. You can also ask us to encode your card beforehand.

Their customers are happy with the advanced technologies of NFC TUBE. is a part of NFC Tagify, which offers a supportive free service to existing customers, where they can use their current NFC cards/tags and link them to the free account. Client satisfaction is their priority. They offer a great range of products that will save you some money. Click here to view some of the metal cards!

About The Company: is one of the leading NFC business card and services providers in the UK. The company offers contactless NFC cards, PVC business cards, chips, and other customised NFC products. NFC Tagify manufactures products to comply with NFC Forum specifications. It also offers NFC tag encoding in bulk!

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