Work Opportunities at J & S Anand Inc: FedEx CDL Jobs for Experienced Drivers

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Allentown, Pennsylvania, 2022-Sep-08 — /EPR Network/ — As the order to fulfill for B2C companies pile up, the demand for truck drivers has been rising in the United States. In this environment, J & S Anand Inc. is a leading transportation company that is ready to offer rewarding FedEx ground CDL jobs to practiced drivers.

From high payouts and additional perks to job security and work-life balance, the organization provides all the incentives drivers need to stay in a consignment delivery vocation.

Drivers applying for available jobs at J & S Anand Inc. need to have a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a minimum of 1 year experience in handling trucks and trailers for consignment deliveries.

The compensation offered by the company starts at $1500 per week and the candidates who have richer experience can definitely draw more. Largely, the compensation is mileage based – it implies that the drivers have good chances to earn more as the total distance traveled by them increases.

All selected truck drivers are entitled to reimbursements or discounts on medical treatments including those for vision and dental problems. The company also enrolls them in the 401(k) retirement benefit fund plan after 90 days of service.

The full-time drivers have to work 5 days a week and always get 2 off-days. The ones who opt for part-time jobs need to work for at least 2 days a week. All employees also get paid vacations commensurate to their contribution to the company.

Unlike long-haul trucking jobs where drivers are away from their home and family for weeks, the local CDL jobs for FedEx deliveries allow them to return home every night. The drivers need to spend about 10 to 11 hours at work, streamlining pickups and deliveries between business hubs, and can meet their loved ones later at night. They get to have meals with family and sleep in their own rooms.

One of the finest advantages of choosing home everyday truck driving jobs is that drivers have work throughout the year. The transportation companies need their services in long-term and provide them an ideal work environment. And J & S Anand Inc leads in this domain too. It has a team of happy and diligent truck drivers, and wants to hire many more members in the squad.

The drivers who are interested in applying for the currently available jobs may visit the company website for details.

 About J&S Anand INC

With registered offices in Allentown and Manchester, PA, J&S Anand INC has been operating in the logistics and transportation sector for over a decade. The company owns a large fleet of well-maintained trucks to offer drop and hook services to both e-commerce and traditional street-side businesses. Its clients include renowned brands such as FedEx Ground,,, and Walmart.

The company focuses strongly on work-life balance for its drivers and allows them to choose their own routes. Working within 300-mile radius to and from FedEx hubs, the drivers do not need to overexert themselves and can return home every day for peaceful night sleep in their own homes. Besides offering best-in-industry compensation, medical benefits and life insurance to its employees, the organization also rewards them with paid holidays and time-offs.

Contact Information

J&S Anand INC

961 Marcon BLVD Suite 410 Allentown, PA 18109

670 Cassel Road Manchester, PA 17345

Phone: (844)-572-6263




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