Consolidated Chassis Management Introduces New Website as Company Evolves to Meet Market Demand

Enables easy access to critical information; enhancing customer service excellence and employee resource support

Rockaway NJ, USA, 2022-Oct-26 — /EPR Network/ — Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), the leading cooperative chassis pool manager, announced today that is introducing a new website as company evolves its business model in response to marketplace dynamics and customer demand. The enhanced site will offer its customers a more comprehensive and easier-to-use tool for retrieving information and accessing key areas of focus, including login pages for CCM systems, M&R forms and information, and Resources for users of the pool.

“CCM is growing and evolving, and we are proud to launch a fresh, modern website that reflects where the company is going,” said Mike Wilson, CEO, CCM. “We listened to our stakeholders and designed a highly organized site with easy access to critical information and going forward will house access to a new and seamless onboarding tool for truck drivers joining SACP 3.0.”

Driving CCM’s growth and evolution is the development of the next generation of the South Atlantic Chassis Pool (SACP 3.0), which will occupy its own section of the CCM website including a portal for signing up, a list of locations, and contact information for customers to be able to reach the appropriate parties within the organization.

Within the next year, the SACP 3.0 chassis provisioning model will shift to the single provider utility model, which offers the market a quality, upgraded, state-of-the-art chassis pool owned and managed by CCM. The SACP 3.0 will continue to be the largest fully interoperable chassis pool in the US with over 75 locations throughout the Southeast.

“SACP 3.0 represents the future of chassis provisioning and CCM is prepared to continue to move the company forward to meet the demands of the market. Our website redesign as well as our recent move to state-of-the-art offices Rockaway, NJ, are two ways we are demonstrating our commitment to properly serve our customers and support our employees,” said Wilson.

For over 15 years CCM has been providing highly efficient interoperable chassis provisioning solutions. Consistently evolving to respond to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace, CCM uses its unique combination of industry management expertise, best-in-class offerings and a state-of-the-art technology platform to simplify chassis provisioning and support supply chain fluidity.

About CCM

CCM is the leading cooperative chassis pool manager, managing the combined fleet of multiple contributors to provide maximum equipment availability and facilitate ease of participation to all involved in intermodal freight transport. CCM supports all chassis provisioning models and enables participants the ability to choose their chassis provider through CCM’s Customer Choice Program. Bringing together an experienced Logistics and M&R staff strategically stationed throughout each region, CCM is committed to high quality and reliable equipment to meet customers’ needs. The Chassis Management Application Suite provides a best-in-class platform for the management of chassis provisioning for all industry stakeholders, allowing CCM to effectively collaborate with steamship lines, railroads, ports and motor carriers at over 200 locations nationwide.

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