J & S Anand Inc. Starts New Year 2023 with New FedEx CDL Jobs for Experienced Truckers

FedEx truck driving jobs 2023

Allentown, PA, 2023-Jan-24 — /EPR Network/ — Experienced truckers who prefer home everyday driving jobs to the long-haul jobs – that keep them away on roads for weeks – can find some of the high-paying ones at J & S Anand Inc. The company has maintained a long-term partnership with top retail brands and is looking skilled truck drivers who can support it in fulfilling their orders consistently.

The FedEx truck driving jobs offered by the enterprise come with a minimum salary of $ 1500 per week. Drivers with experience of more than 2 years in the industry can easily negotiate for more. All of them are also entitled to generous medical and dental treatment benefits in addition to insurance and retirement plans.

The best part of taking up a job at J & S Anand Inc. is that the truckers do not have to travel for more than 300 miles on any work day. They just need to pick up and deliver goods in local circles before returning to their own home for supper and sleep. The company has a 5-day working week culture and therefore all full-time drivers get two offs. They are also entitled to paid vacations.

J & S Anand Inc. also provides part-time work to truck drivers who may want to get a feel of the job before turning into a full-time trucker. Whereas the full-time drivers report for their duties 5 days a week (and get 2 off-days), the part timers are expected to drive their vehicles for only 2 days in a week.

The enterprise has a well-maintained fleet of trucks equipped with advanced GPS navigation devices so that the drivers can choose the most optimum routes to their endpoints as per real-time traffic conditions.

For the drivers who want to make the most of job opportunities while they are available, J & S Anand Inc. has a quick and easy application process. The online form has been uploaded on the business website at https://jsanandinc.com/jobs/. A candidate can also connect with the HR team via phone or email to know more about the jobs, or to fix up a meeting at one of their offices.


 About J & S Anand INC

With registered offices in Allentown and Manchester, PA, J&S Anand INC has been operating in the logistics and transportation sector for over a decade. The company owns a large fleet of well-maintained trucks to offer drop and hook services to both e-commerce and traditional street-side businesses. Its clients include renowned brands such as FedEx Ground, Chewy.com, Target.com, and Walmart.

The company focuses strongly on work-life balance for its drivers and allows them to choose their own routes. Working within 300-mile radius to and from FedEx hubs, the drivers do not need to overexert themselves and can return home every day for peaceful night sleep in their own homes. Besides offering best-in-industry compensation, medical benefits and life insurance to its employees, the organization also rewards them with paid holidays and time-offs.


Contact Information

J&S Anand INC

961 Marcon BLVD Suite 410 Allentown, PA 18109

670 Cassel Road Manchester, PA 17345

Phone: (844)-572-6263

Email: hr@jsanandinc.com

Website: https://jsanandinc.com/


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