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London, UK, 2023-Jun-5 — /EPR Network/ — EquityMatch.co recently enjoyed the completion of another noteworthy Pitch Event (PE) episode. This series offers a platform for promising start-ups to unveil their ideas to angel investors and knowledge enthusiasts. To experience the innovative pitches of emerging entrepreneurs and their revolutionising plans, viewers can join the online series by becoming a member of EquityMatch.co or tuning into Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm GMT.

Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, founder of EquityMatch.co and Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory, hosted the event. With vast experience as a venture capitalist, business owner, and merchant banker, Max has provided advisory services to companies in various industries, including infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology. He has assisted in deals exceeding €100 million and helped raise over €50 million in funds.

Simon Schmiderer pitched first. Simon is the Co-Founder of ZONE 14 and he is seeking investment in a seed round. “Everybody loves winning, and data is the key to getting the edge” Simon began. 

The need for event data tracking is increasing, but it’s either done manually or purchased at a high cost from data providers. ZONE 14 was created to solve this by using AI video analysis to collect statistics and data from all football games, including those in the champions league. It aims to provide sports data to all stakeholders, from coaches to media and sports betting providers.

This highly scalable SaaS solution is also hardware agnostic. ZONE 14 is cross-selling products to grow revenue per customer. They will also be working on selling stats and videos to other stakeholders in the football industry such as data providers, broadcasters, media platforms, and betting sites. The sports analytics market is growing, it’s expected to reach $16.5 billion by 2030. Simon added “We have already $300K committed from investors and are looking for partners with strong ties to football or sports betting to join us”, after diving deep into specific areas like betting, and expansion plans, we moved on to the next pitch.  

Polo Villaamil is the Founder and CEO of LLM FAAS. Polo is an ex-racing driver, turned banker, then turned entrepreneur and he is seeking investment in a pre-series A round with his new venture.

Fashion is now the second most polluting industry in the world. “We buy more garments which we end up using less and less” Polo explained. While the industry must reduce its greenhouse emissions by 50% by 2030, Polo stated the progress has been negative. To enhance sustainability, fashion brands must focus on the end-of-life phase of their products, which involves repair and reuse. Unfortunately, many brands lack the facilities to deliver tasks effectively. Additionally, traditional logistics providers lack this service. FAAS offers a software and logistics solution that enables fashion brands to launch a rental or subscription service with ease and minimal investment.

The overall business model is B2C2B, but it’s also a B2C fashion rental leader that offers a 360º solution for fashion brands that include advisory, technology, and logistics. They analyze the client’s catalogue and develop a rental offer to complement their sales, provide a complete CMS, OMS, CRM, and payment integration, and handle end-to-end logistics, including cleaning sanitizing repair, and customer success. In terms of the revenue model, FAAS charges a consulting fee of € 50,000 and an annual maintenance fee of € 5000 while having a fixed charge for each fulfilled order, which can vary based on the brand and rented products. When inquired if big brands will engage in a similar service, Polo replied yes, and he then dived deep into how he will reach out to his target markets internationally before concluding. 

Third to pitch was Antony Abell, who was introduced as the Founder and CEO of TrustMe/TPX Property Exchanges Group of Companies. Antony’s seeking investment in a pre-series A/Series A round. 

TPX has developed a solution to create inflation-resistant money during high inflation and high debt economic cycles. It’s achieved through the creation of small unit legal titles of real estate, which can be traded on regulated global property exchanges for 24/7 instant liquidity. This model was launched globally with the assistance of central banks, regulators, and governments from London. 

“We’re looking to take advantage of what is called the tokenization or the digital asset economy, where they fractionalize shares. We see a lot more of that in the years to come” Antony added. The total market value of Global Real-Estate is $326 trillion, “There’s plenty for us to mine in the future if you want to look at it that way. We do this city by city over the next 18 months and we’re launching 20 exchanges – first in London, and we’re doing so under our regulator and under Bank of England”, Antony further explained. After delving deep into the areas like TPX’s relationship with estate owners, and how ownership of assets will be maintained, Max introduced the final founder for the session.

Kashif Kahn is the Founder of Motion Gestures and is seeking investment in a pre-series round A.

Kashif began by stating the idea behind his venture is rather simple. “Every decade there’s a new human-machine interface. During the PC Era, it was Mouse and GUI. When smartphones launched, it was touch. After another decade, it became AI-based”, Kashif explained. Motion Gestures as a B2B company represents the next frontier in the user interface after voice recognition. It’s an AI software for camera-based hand tracking and gesture recognition. The software achieves 100% accuracy in gesture recognition and reduces deployment costs by 10x. It enables contactless interaction in a variety of industries, including automotive, healthcare, retail, robotics, mobile, home automation, digital signage, and video games. After sharing a fascinating tech demo to give the viewer a clearer idea, Kashif stated that camera-based UI is predicted to be a $70B market by 2030, representing the next frontier in human-machine interaction. Motion Gestures is engaged with more than 130 OEMs around the world in over 25 sectors and have a USD 100 million sales pipeline. 

Comcast, Bosch, Mercedes, Hisense, LG, Sony, and Nintendo are now part of Motion Gesture’s customer base. “We want to revolutionize AI-based gesture commission for embedded platforms and build this into a unicorn” Kashif added. 

Before wrapping up the session, the founders were finally asked the most important question: “Why should an investor invest in your venture?”

Kashif explained that camera-based contactless interaction is the next major human-machine interface. Motion Gestures aims to dominate this market and will offer short-term capital appreciation potential for investors with a higher valuation in the upcoming series A funding round.

Polo shared that FAAS aims to become Europe’s leading circular fashion technology and logistics provider. They plan to expand their IT team and the B2B sales team. The company is seeking investors to join them on their mission.

Antony highlighted that TPX specializes in making properties tradable and liquid, offering property owners the opportunity to convert their properties into liquid assets. They believe that investing in property can be a wise choice during times of high inflation.

Simon finally responded by sharing that Zone 14 provides data services for amateur football, and their technology can expand to other team sports. They see potential in the sports market and aim to serve the entire market with their technology.

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