The Shaftesbury Group Yet Again Proclaiming their Ever Radiant Presence

Released on: February 13, 2014, 11:43 am (EST)
Industry: Travel

LONDON, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The collection of the well known and luxurious Shaftesbury Hotels in London in the United Kingdom is idyllic for people who want a delightful break from their usually hectic and tiring schedule and desire or wish lush amenities, facilities and services in modern surroundings, at the most reasonable rates. It is the ultimate escapade for all types of guests and visitors, whether they are staying for work and business purposes or simply for a pleasant, quaint and enjoyable holiday. These hotels in London, known and distinguished as some of the best hotels in the United Kingdom, offer unforgettable, quality services and special offers with all up to date amenities, and are completely worth spending money for. Other than all of that, it also proffers great special offers and packages, most of which may be available to guests throughout the year and some on special occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and end of the year. These different collections include:

•  The Shaftesbury Hotels Elite Collection With style, sophistication and cautiously and beautifully, excellently appointed and decorated accommodation services, lush, lavish furnishings and vibrant, outstanding colour schemes, the Elite Collection by the Shaftesbury Hotels are a group of greatly pleasant and satisfying hotels, known for their contemporary elegance in style and luxury.

•  The Shaftesbury Hotels Smart Collection The perfect option for visitors wanting to explore the vibrant culture, traditions and ethnicity, as well as those who are staying for business and work purposes and want a quiet, profitable stay, the Shaftesbury Hotels Smart Collection features hotels located mostly in the work districts of London, to give their guests a great, satisfying and enjoyable holidaying experience.

•  The Shaftesbury Hotels Executive Collection With well appointed guest rooms and a wide range of other facilities, profitable and advantageous locations and accommodations and services at the most reasonable and affordable rates, the Executive Collection of the Shaftesbury Hotels provides unique hotels, each of them one of a kind and a home, away from home.

•  The Shaftesbury Hotels Suites Collection The Suites Collection of the noteworthy Shaftesbury Hotels is specially designed to suit the requirements of all kinds of travellers, visitors and guests. They proffer excellent accommodation services and a wide assortment of facilities and guest services to ensure a perfect holidaying experience for guests and visitors.

•  The Shaftesbury Hotels Classic Collection Featuring classic, traditional English beauty in lushly appointed guest rooms, the Classic Collection by the Shaftesbury Hotels in London brings back the olden days with well preserved memories and archaeological and traditional beauty and ornamented in such a delightful way that can only be applauded. For a delightful, pleasant, quaint and lavish vacationing experience, this collection of hotels is the idyllic choice.

The Shaftesbury Group of Hotels offers a large number of common packages and special offers, some of which are:

•  The Exclusive Shopaholic Break especially designed for shopaholics to enjoy a delightful shopping spree

•  The Family Escape and Family Togetherness Package that offers great facilities for each members of the family and special advantages like surprise gifts, complimentary goodies and champagne

•  The Superb Valentine's Celebration Package that offers an epic Valentine's Day stay with greatly romantic services and facilities and make it an event to remember

•  The Executive Stay Package which has an additional advantage of the hotel being located in the busy city of London, with great, excellent transport links and systems connecting the hotels to the rest of the city and to popular business areas

•  The Great Celebration Package that makes every event worthwhile and an event to remember with all the special advantages and great special offers it proffers


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