Cash Advances US Presents Installment Loans For Bad Credit

Released on: May 28, 2012, 3:42 pm
Industry: Financial

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Being a reputable and trustworthy provider of online lending service Cash Advances US is being constantly developed by the professional and well-trained team of managers. Now the company is exploring the new ways to give people access to additional funds required in particular situations. Today the company is proud to present a new product that is available even for consumers with non-perfect credit score and for those who find it difficult to repay the total amount of cash loan on the next payday. The service is called "installment loans". This form of online cash advance is associated with the specific installment plan and consumers taking out this loan can pay it back according to the set terms.

The main feature of a newly announced product is its repayment terms which allow the borrowers to make partial payments during the particular period of time. Some customers say that this way they find it easier to manage their budget and this was the main reason for Cash Advances US to design the service. There are a lot of people who experience difficult financial times and the goal of the company is to provide an instant access to extra cash that may be paid off in parts releasing people from concerns related to monetary hardships.

Most consumers applying to Cash Advances US are using the obtained money to manage the short-term needs and even though the amount available for borrowing is typically less than $1,500 some people still consider that it is financially hard for them to pay back the total cost of the loan on the next payday. Thus, the direct lenders cooperating with the company suggested to perform the kind of payday advance that can be repaid in installments and may be helpful either for people with perfect credit or with the poor one. Now, the company offers its customers to try bad credit installment loans.

The application process for these short-term cash advance loans is absolutely the same. An individual willing to borrow some money in a form of installment loans for people with bad credit needs to fill in the online form presented on the website of the company. The loan amount and terms are to be negotiated with the direct lenders participating in the network of CashAdvancesUS.

The Managing Director Clare Miles said: "The aim of our company is to give people access to fast and affordable solution to their money-related problems. Thus, we do our best to develop an easy and hassle-free service that will satisfy any customer applying to Cash Advances US."

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