Labeling Requirements on Apparel, Footwear and Leather Goods Updated in Colombia

Hong Kong, December 28, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — The Colombia Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has recently amended its labeling requirements for apparel, footwear and leather goods.

New Label Requirements

Resolution Number 3023 of 2015 amends Resolution 1950 of 17 July 2009 on labeling of
apparel, and Resolution Number 3024 of 2015 amends Resolution 933 of 21 April 2008
on labeling of footwear and some leather goods. The amended regulations will become
effective in December 2015.

The apparel labeling regulation requires the country of origin, the name of the
producer and/or importer and fiber and care information to be on one or more
permanent labels. Other information, such as the size of the garment, may be
included on temporary labels.

Apparel Labeling Changes at a Glance

Summary of Resolution Number 3023 of 2015 for apparel:

1. Letters written on the label or labels should be durable.

2. The label or labels shall be legible at first glance, to be located in a visible
or easily accessible position.

3. When the garments are sold in pairs made of the same material and design, such as
pairs of socks or gloves, the label or labels must appear on at least one of the

4. For garments comprising two or more pieces or parts, such as a set, each piece
must be labeled.

5. Required information may be placed on packaging for certain garments where a
label would negatively affect function or appearance. Such items may include
pantyhose, socks, hair accessories, wristbands, neckties, reversible garments,
swimsuits or underwear, etc.

6. The information contained on the label should be written in Spanish. Further
information can be presented in other languages.

7. Labels and illustrations cannot be misleading, contradictory or confusing for the

8. The label or tag must contain at least the following information:

a) Country of origin
b) Name of manufacturer and/or importer in Colombia, including their respective NIT
c) Conservation and care instructions for the product may use symbols, brief and
clear legends or both, as established in NTC-1806, third update of August 24, 2005
d) Fiber content in percentage is required. When a product is made of two or more
components with different fiber composition, the fiber content of each component
should be listed separately.
e) Size or dimensions, as applicable
f) The fiber content for linings must be included on the same or on a separate label
g) Articles with apparent defects must indicate the defect on the same or a separate
label in order to inform consumers.

Highlight of the amendment:

– The NIT number is required with the name of the manufacturer or importer (NIT ?€?
N??mero de Identificaci??n Tributaria – taxe identification number)
– Fiber composition ?€? there is no exemption for textile fibers or materials
representing less than 5% of the article.

Leather Goods Labeling at a Glance

Summary of Resolution Number 3024 of 2015 for footwear and other leather goods:

1. The information contained on the label must be written in Spanish. Further
information can be presented in other languages. The label may also include
expressions, abbreviations, symbols or pictograms.

2. The label must be legible and located in a visible place on the product.

3. The label may include additional information provided that it is not misleading,
contradictory or confusing.

4. The information contained on the label must be truthful and not mislead or
deceive the consumer.

Highlight of the amendment:

– Only the country of origin and information on materials (i.e. upper, lining and
outsole for footwear) is required to be on a permanent label for footwear and other
leather goods. Other information such as the importer or manufacturer name may be
included on temporary labels.


(1) Colombia ?€? Resolution No 3023 of 2015 ?€? 18 September 2015

(2) Colombia ?€? Resolution No 3024 of 2015 ?€? 18 September 2015

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