Toronto is ‘Ridin Shotty With God’ – Rapper Drops 3rd Video in Series

Shah - Ridin Shotty With God music video 3rd installment in audio-visual series

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Shah – Ridin Shotty With God music video 3rd installment in audio-visual series

Toronto, Ontario, 2016-Aug-29 — /EPR Network/ — Toronto rapper Shah’s new music video, Ridin Shotty With God ( was released on July 21st 2016, marking the third installment of the cinematic audio visual series that has attracted some of the most prominent young producers, filmmakers and fine artists from Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles. Along with the first two installments, both dropped on May 11th, 2016, Rookie Card ( and Don’t Do It Mandela (, the series has picked up over 350,000 views to date with essentially no promotion.


Ridin Shotty With God is the third installment in the increasingly buzzed about Day of Shahaudio-visual series, accompanying Shah’s debut EP.  The video begins in the industrial East Toronto lakeside setting where the preceding video left off. Under the watch of the series’ original 9 heroines, Shah is seen mid-getaway alongside Wynter Knight. Shah’s surreal escape, captured from both aerial and traditional vantage points, intensifies upon his arrival and ascent through an apocalyptic yet breathtaking desert landscape. The video for Ridin Shotty With God is an abstract representation of the song’s lyrics, which capture his childhood hardships and the obstacles he’s since overcome. Shah states the song is a tribute to all those who have enabled him to surmount life’s obstacles, including his mother, his family, his mentors, and his team.


Despite the recent list that ranked Shah as one of the top emerging artists in Toronto and one of top 10 rappers of South Asian heritage, Shah maintains that his passion for making music that touches listeners lives far outweighs his desire for material wealth. His experiences, including overcoming his own adversity and childhood hardships, have provided him with empathy for the underdog, which can be heard on Ridin Shotty With God, when Shah speaks to God saying: “Please forgive me, but Ima buy your churches and let the homeless move up in ’em. Amen.” With collaborators from his groundbreaking music video series describing the project as a cultural phenomenon in the making, and the metrics for independent artist Shah’s surpassing his well-funded major label contemporaries, cultural influences are already awaiting Shah’s next release.

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