New Easy Way to Share an Academic Paper and Get a Reward

Los Angeles, USA, 2017-Apr-20 — /EPR Network/ — On March 1st, 2017 a StudentShare database of academic papers released a new feature to ease the process of uploading the papers to the library. Being a student-oriented platform, it contains a huge collection of academic works, imported by users themselves. Now students can add own writing samples in two minutes and get a free 1-month subscription to the database for their works.

Before the launch of the new form, students could add their works to the database only after the multistage process. It presupposed a registration, student’ status approval and detailed communication with the Customer Support representatives. Besides, there wasn’t a fixed rewarding system for the uploaded samples.

Responding to a popular users’ demand, new feature enables students to add their essays and thesis in three clicks. Those students, who decide to contribute to the project with their works, are guaranteed to get a 1-day subscription for a single paper. For five papers uploaded at one session, they get the 1-month access to the online collection of academic samples. In case students want to share more works, the service increases the reward per paper. In other words, the more you give, the more you get.

StudentShare positions their services as helping students to learn and get inspiration from the works of other students. It is a form of special communication where the works speak for their authors. So the main metrics of the papers is their quality.

Thus, all the received papers undergo the detailed testing. A paper can be accepted and student can get a reward only if the uploaded work fits the following criteria:

  • It must be authentic. StudentShare’s top-priority task is to encourage students to the constant improving their writing skills. So the basic condition is to write and upload the works prepared independently.
  • It must be minimum 80% unique. This requirement accords with the first one. To be sure that the uploaded work is written by this particular student, the system passes the paper through the plagiarism checker. It also takes into account that the existing checkers are looking for the matches even in the two-word combinations. It makes impossible the mission to write a 100% unique text. That is why it bans only the papers with the uniqueness rate below 80%.
  • The paper must be not less than 2 pages. The database bets on the high-quality writing samples, insisting that fully developed essay cannot be less than 500 words long.
  • The paper should be the college-level work. StudentShare offers student-targeted services. This is the platform “students for students”, so all the uploaded works must meet the requirements for the college-level writing samples.

StudentShare is an online database of 1,000,000+ academic paper examples shared by students to other students. It offers a variety of samples that serve as an additional source of ideas and structural templates to follow. Every week 40+ subject categories of a database are updated with 8,000+ new paper samples and polished by the professional editor’s team.

Contact details: Mary Daniels (518)631-4539


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