Micro Motor Market Report Examines Future Market Size, Trends and Key Drivers Supporting Growth through 2022 | Global Micro Motor Market Review Including Competition Tracking 2017 to 2022

Dublin 2, Ireland, 2018-Jul-12 — With continuous expansion of car sales, application of electrical equipment is witnessing a surge. Quantitative automatic fuel injection systems are replacing traditional carburetors, and antilock braking systems are being replaced by motors. Some prominent trends observed in the global micro motor market include rising adoption of brushless DC motors by electric vehicles, advancements in technology of high-precision piezoelectric micro motor, and growing prevalence of information processing equipment. FactMR’s report offers detailed analysis about the Global Micro Motor Market for the Period 2017-2022, and offers actionable insights on future market direction.

The adoption of brushless DC motors in electric vehicles has witnessed a robust expansion over the past few years. Micro motor manufacturers have been focusing on the development of portable charging tools related to electric vehicles, owing to the concerns associated with future environmental protection. In addition, numerous technological innovations in piezoelectric motors providing high precision have been introduced in the market. For instance, the M3 smart module platform – “SQUIGGLE motor”, developed by New Scale Technologies, has become the revolutionary piezoelectric small-sized micro motor, which delivers high performance. These incidences are expected to propel growth of the market during the forecast period.

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With continuous advancements in electronic technology, the micro motor industry is experiencing mutual M&A adjustment process with the drive manufacturing industry. The introduction of drive-to-modern design of micro motors has bolstered demand for materials as well as manufacturing & production processes, which in turn is expected to drive growth of the micro motor market. In addition, surging car sales have resulted into robust application of electrical equipment. The traditional carburetors in vehicles have been replaced by the quantitative & automatic fuel injection system, and antilock braking systems (ABS) in several cars have been replaced by motors.

There has been a robust expansion in demand for brushless DC motors for adoption in electric vehicles. Manufacturers have been developing portable charging power tools for electronic vehicles, on the back of concerns pertaining to future environmental protection. Moreover, a number of technological innovations have been made in piezoelectric micro motors with high precision. For example, New Scale Technologies has developed an M3 smart module platform, known as “SQUIGGLE motor”, which is a revolutionary, small-sized piezoelectric micro motor with high performance characteristics. These factors are expected to augment growth of the global micro motor market.

APEJ will Remain Dominant in the Global Micro Motor Market

In terms of revenues, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) is anticipated to be dominant in the global micro motor market in 2017, and this trend will continue to prevail during the forecast period. Europe will continue to be the second largest market for micro motor. Although, the micro motor market in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) will account for lower revenues, sales are expected to witness an above average expansion through 2022.

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On the basis of power consumption, 12V-48V micro motors are expected to remain dominant in the global market, with sales expanding at the highest CAGR through 2022. Sales of less than 12V micro motors are estimated to account for larger revenues as compared to above 48V micro motors. However, sales of above 48V micro motors will register a relatively higher CAGR than that of less than 12V micro motors.

Micro motors will continue to witness largest application in automotive sector, with revenues expected to account for over 1/4th share of the market. Industry automation is expected to be the second most lucrative sector for application of micro motors by 2022-end. However, demand for micro motors in aircraft applications will remain sluggish throughout the forecast period.

By technology, brushless micro motors will continue to witness the largest adoption in the global micro motor market. Sales of brushless micro motors are expected to exceed US$ 20,000 Mn in revenues by 2022-end. Sales of brushed motors will continue to witness a sluggish expansion through 2022.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Global Micro Motor Market – Executive Summary. 27

Chapter 2. Global Micro Motor Market Overview. 29

2.1. Introduction. 29

2.1.1. Global Micro Motor Market Taxonomy. 29

2.1.2. Global Micro Motor Market Definition. 29

2.2. Global Micro Motor Market Size (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2012-2022. 30

2.2.1. Global Micro Motor Market Y-o-Y Growth. 30

2.3. Global Micro Motor Market: Macroeconomic Factors. 30

2.3.1. Economic Outlook. 30

2.3.2. International Policy. 31

2.3.3. Profitability of Enterprises. 31

2.3.4. Increasing Purchasing Power of Middle Class. 31

2.3.5. Complex Eco System. 31

2.3.6. Supply chain Issues. 32

2.3.7. End-user Sentiment. 32

2.4. Global Micro Motor Market Impact Factors. 32

2.4.1. Autonomous Vehicles. 32

2.4.2. The Influence of China. 32

2.4.3. Innovations in Technology. 33

2.4.4. Dilemma on Shift to New Technologies. 33

2.4.5. Disruption in Traditional Business Models. 33

2.4.6. Rising Component Costs in Developing Countries. 33

2.4.7. Shrinking Product Development Time. 34

2.4.8. Fluctuating Input costs. 34


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