Simpliv Launches Courses in All Cloud Technology Trends for All Students

 Fremont, CA, 2018-Aug-15 — /EPR Network/ — Simpliv, a Fremont, CA-based learning platform, has launched courses in all topics concerning cloud technology trends aimed at all kinds of students. These courses are from the topics of web development, database, IT and software, and blueprint and technology. More details on these courses can be had from (link).


Online education is one of the many spinoffs that the Internet has spawned. Like all things concerning the Net, online education has been global in its reach and local in its adaption and application. The most visible shape this explosive growth has taken is what is called Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). This is the engine that has been driving online education.

The numbers concerning online education look impressive: a Research and Markets study puts the CAGR for this market at a very healthy 10.6 for a prolonged period of a decade starting in 2018. From the annual global market of close to $160 billion in 2017, it is expected to reach over $286 billion by 2018.

The major triggers of this growth include the introduction, adaption and improvements in cloud-based technologies and IT security, the ease of access of these courses to people across almost all age groups, and the introduction of software that makes these courses attractive, interactive and fun to learn. The explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at about the same time is expected to give online education a new thrust.

It is in the backdrop of these macro factors that Simpliv has launched these IT-related courses with a view to bringing in-demand technology courses to all types of learners across the globe. Simpliv wants to be a player that fulfills the learning expectations of the global community of learners and help address their pain areas and become partners in their academic and professional growth.

Towards this end, it has created courses in all the areas concerning cloud technology trends. These courses have been framed after identifying the key areas of requirement for learners. These courses have been designed in a lively and interactive format that makes the learning fun and one that stays in the mind. These have been done in consultation with the experts who bring many years of experience in teaching these areas of IT. These courses are relevant and in tune with the latest that is happening in the world of IT.

A look at the spread of courses that Simpliv offers in topics of cloud technology trends is instructive:

Web Development: Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C#, Mobile Development

Database: Hadoop, SQL, MYSQL,

IT & Software Systems: Internet Things, Networking and Security, Cyber Security, Machine Learning

Blueprint & Designing: Unity 2D, Unity 3D, Animate

Features of Simpliv courses

Being a platform for online learning, Simpliv has a keen grasp of the learning needs of its market. Its courses are designed keeping these needs in mind. These are some of the features of Simpliv’s course:

  • Certified: Many of Simpliv’s courses are certified, making them valuable and giving them more than just paper value


  • Flexible: These courses can be taken up at any time and finished in a phased and flexible manner, based entirely on the learner’s situation


  • Comprehensive: Simpliv’s courses cover all areas of IT. Its courses cover the latest updates into technology and familiarize the learners with these.

Simpliv’s USP

Simpliv’s USPs are:

  • A global pool of experienced and qualified course authors
  • Insights into the needs of the learning community
  • Expertise in making these courses available
  • Reach among all sections of the learning population.


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